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5 Tips For Making Home Therapy Activities

In our house, we rock home therapy, but it wasn’t always this way. My original blog (Lilly Through the Valley) was about my journey of developing my child’s home therapy (before Pinterest existed). Today I am sharing my five tips for home therapy activities. Between the ages of 0-3 years, we had monthly consults for… Continue reading 5 Tips For Making Home Therapy Activities

Learning Through Play · Mommy Life

Invaded By Castles

Last Friday in Momma Confessions: Home Based Learning I mentioned that we went back to basics and started up a routine that I used to do a lot with Lilly. Basically what I did was take my Early Childhood training and infuse it with the homework pamphlets I would get from therapist.  Between the two… Continue reading Invaded By Castles

Learning Through Play · Mommy Life

Momma Confessions; Home Based Therapy

For 6 years home based therapy was ingrained in our life. I have called it a couple of things over the years, homeschooling, un-schooling, play based therapy and now home based therapy. If you follow my Instagram account you would have seen pictures pop up after Christmas about activities we have been doing. This kind… Continue reading Momma Confessions; Home Based Therapy