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A-man’s friend Anne

An update on A-man's journey with social anxiety and how far he has came.

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The Art Of Valentine Cards

I'll admit I am the equivalent of the Grinch when it come to Valentine Day. I have never seen the point of it. It was one of those holidays that I just rolled my eyes at. Until this year. The change? I realized yes every day I tell my husband that I love him. BUT… Continue reading The Art Of Valentine Cards

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Power Of Friendship & Blogger Brags Pinterest Party!

Balance is can be tricky, especially with friendship. I find that I often get caught up in my  day-to-day mommy life that I forget to grow my friendships. (Thank-fully I have some great friends who understand.) During a recent prayer session God reminded me. I poured out my heart about being lonely and I left it before his… Continue reading Power Of Friendship & Blogger Brags Pinterest Party!