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Momma Confessions; Home Based Therapy

For 6 years home based therapy was ingrained in our life. I have called it a couple of things over the years, homeschooling, un-schooling, play based therapy and now home based therapy. If you follow my Instagram account you would have seen pictures pop up after Christmas about activities we have been doing. This kind… Continue reading Momma Confessions; Home Based Therapy

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Bonding Over Makeup With My Daughter

On Facebook the TV show Speechless has a clip going around about their season premier that says "disability is no excuse." It literally made me stop because this is has been my slogan for a long time but truthfully I have been allowing my daughters disability get in the way of something...her love for make… Continue reading Bonding Over Makeup With My Daughter

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Medical Mom: Wheelchair Dancing

Dancing, yes this kid is throwing another hurdle at me. Lilly has always loved dancing from a baby and we have in the past tried adaptive dance lessons when she was a toddler. You can probably hear a BUT it's a huge BUT...Her physical regression. It's hard to sign her up for anything because you… Continue reading Medical Mom: Wheelchair Dancing

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A Convaid Cruiser Stroller For Lilly

This post contains sponsored links. The opinion that I expressed are mine alone. In the past 2 years Lilly has sadly slowly out grown our Bob Revolution stroller that we invested in once we knew Lilly had long-term mobility issues. The Bob was our go to equipment for long outings like shopping, going to the… Continue reading A Convaid Cruiser Stroller For Lilly

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I Am Not Disabled, Special Needs Or Handicap

Ellen Stumbo started a conversation on her Facebook page surrounding the article #SayTheWord, Not "Special Needs". It was interesting reading other people's perspectives but I realized something: My perspective comes from having a personal relationship with words like: Disabled, Special Needs, Handicap, Stupid, Slow Learner All these words that have at one point been used… Continue reading I Am Not Disabled, Special Needs Or Handicap