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Mom Of Boy: Embracing A-man

A few weeks ago in my post  A-man's And Sensory Processing Disorder I talked about how during the year off A-man was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. Once I had the diagnose I embraced it and that was when we saw a lot of positive changes. Issues like Potty Training, behaviour control and soothers became manageable.… Continue reading Mom Of Boy: Embracing A-man

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A-man’s New Bedroom & Free Menu Printable

Happy Monday to all my readers! Today I am writing a mish mash posh of things that I am sure is going to wet your whistle for reading. First of all, I do have some links in this post BUT this is not a sponsored post. They are in here for your benefit to make finding… Continue reading A-man’s New Bedroom & Free Menu Printable