Our Story

Our Story: Wondering Through Cerebral Palsy

During our first year of marriage we where blessed with the birth of our first child Lilly. As most expectant parents we prepped our nursery, our car and waited for the next stage in life. Lilly was born on an Sunday afternoon with a whole bunch of family waiting in the waiting room.

Immediately Lilly was whisked off to NICU due to breathing issues.

The next seventy-two hours are still a blur to me. In that time frame Lilly went into respiratory distress, and a continues seizure. Just a little bit over twenty-four hours old her MRI gave her the diagnoses of a brain injury.

Lilly had for some unknown reason lacked oxygen to the brain some where zero to seventy-two hours before birth, which resulted in a brain injury.

Prayer request went out to friends and families. God blessed my mother with a verse from Psalms and it is Lilly’s life verse today.

Liilly's life Verse

With in twenty-four hours of my mom getting this verse Lilly came off the respiratory tubes and we got to hold her for the first time. We rejoiced!

Lilly spent a total of 13 days in NICU. She came home and we thought life would turn back to normal but it was far from it.

As time passed we learned that the brain injury is the main issue but there are million of symptoms. Cerebral palsy, focal seizure disorder with a secondary grand mal seizure, chronic pain, a secondary speech delay, and so many other things that impact our daily life.

When Lilly was about three years old I started another blog Lilly Through The Valley to meet other mom’s in similar situations. God blessed me in ways I never imagined by becoming a blogger.

God also blessed me with a typical functioning child and placed it upon my heart to change my blogging format. With some heavy heart it was time to retire Lilly Through The Valley and Momma Wonderings was born.

Please join me as I wonder through motherhood.

By His Stripes Alone


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