Not Going It Alone

God moves in interesting ways. Last week I received an email form my Good Morning Girls Bible Study Leader asking me if I’d like to be included in their January study Job. My original intention was not to start anything new but God reminded me something.

I am not to go alone in this season.

I emailed back my leader and said Yes! The first email brought to gather some new names and some familiar names. It’s always interesting to read other people’s thoughts of the same passage in the Bible. Their view points often bring new light to the scripture I am reading.

A reminder of things going on outside of my world.

On the first day I was drawn to Job 1:21,22.

I felt that it was remained me not to charge God of any of the messy stuff that may happen in the feature. That right now I need to continue praising him even when things get tough with Lilly’s surgery.

The second day I study verse 2:13

This verse felt like it was a reminder that even though people are silent they are seeing what we are going through. That it is okay for me to also be silent and just listen sit back and observe conversation around me.

Job 3: 25-26 surprised me. It reminded me that I am not the only person to have these worries, or fears. That even back in the old testament people struggled to find peace, quietness, and rest. That I also need to ask God for help with these things.

I have learned quite a bit in the matter of a few days and I can not wait to see what the rest of the study brings. As the months approach Lilly’s hip and leg surgery I am going to share some of our prayer request. There is a new page labeled Prayer Request that will make it easy to keep updated.

Finances:     -With the uncertainty of our economy please pray that The Hubby’s job keeps busy and fruitful.

-That finances will come together for the hospitalization. The Hubby will have to take time off work, and the cost of one of us staying up there for 6-8 weeks with Lilly.

Stroller- Lilly needs a special needs stroller and I am in the midst of doing funding request. As of right now we have $395 toward $3000.

A-man:    -Childcare! Pray that we will find a child care situation that will suit our needs and support A-man during this time on uncertainty.

-Pray protection over his mind during this time. A lot will be happening that is hard to explain.

Lilly: -Pray for healing of the whole body.

-Pray that her pain control will be manageable

-Pray protection over her mind.

-Pray against any complications.


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