Lilly Through The Valley

Recently I started to write about some tough topics and realized that I was missing a huge part of who I am as a blogger; those early Lilly Through The Valley posts.

The blog Lilly Through The Valley came about as a way to share about early intervention therapies because back then, there wasn’t much information available for parents. I knew I didn’t want to use real names (and I still don’t). I chose the name Lilly,  and “Through The Valley” came about because in our family, we were walking through the valley of a brain injury. I now see it as not just a walking through a valley of brain injury, but a valley of Neurodiversity.

When A-man was born, something deep inside me was no longer content with a blog just about Lilly, and I decided to scrap it. That is when I rebranded and Momma Wonderings was born. During the re-branding process, I had thought that all the “Lilly Through the Valley” content had been saved, but I soon discovered it had all been deleted.  

While writing content for this blog, I realized I needed a base, and knew that I would have that if I brought back Lilly Through The Valley.

Over a three month period I came up with some new ideas and decided to add a category on my web page totally devoted to all things pertaining to the Lilly Through The Valley years (0-5 years of age).

When I post about early intervention, our home based learning, and other areas that affected Lilly and I during the first 5 years of her life, it will be linked to Lilly Through The Valley category, and I will also be adding some posts to this page.