PR Friendly

When I come across a product that I love I like to tell a lot of people. Sometimes you find the best gems in life in the most unexpected way. When I take Lilly to her appointments or A-man out and a bout I often get comments, “Where did you get that?” Or “Lilly is always so stylish!” In my years of child care I listened to what parents found interesting and kept it in the back of my mind. That fancy diploma comes in handy as a keep an eye out for cool funky durable toys for the children’s. As for stylish I shop frugally, (sales mostly) and buy the odd “it” piece at regular price.

The review team is:

Lilly: An almost 5 year old girl who has cerebral palsy. She has a great smile and love anything to do with dolls.

A-man: My under one year old boy who is into anything baby.

The Hubby: Well he’s the man of the house hold.

And of course Me.

As for me, I am a stay at home mommy who loves to do product review, (and giveaways). Books (Fiction and non fiction), cloths, eco friendly supplies, all things baby, all things kid related, cooking supplies, natural/organic products are just some of my vast interest that I like to review on.

I am the sole writer and manager of Mommas Wonderings. All reviews a based on my (or my review teams) personal opinions. In the past I have done reviews for Courtney Joseph, Mark Victor Hansen, and The Baby Store Leduc and these are just some of them.

Currently all reviews (and giveaways) are free of charge as long as as the item is/are $50 dollars or higher. If the giveaway item received is/are under $50 there will be a $25 dollar fee. If there is just a giveaway with no review there is a $25 dollar fee.

All products once mailed become property of Mommas Wonderings and will not be returned. Reviews may take up to four months in order to give a well rounded review of the item(s), to see how the item(s) with stand repeated use. As well to ensure a well written review and photo is produced.

All photo’s used in the reviews done by Lilly Through The Valley are copyrighted to this blog. If you want to use these photos for other promotional use please contact me. Any photo’s provided by the company will be used with a photo credit underneath linking it back to the company’s website.

Please note that giveaways can be done for companies who are willing to sponsor the giveaway, at no charge when at accompanying a review. The delivery of the prize is the sole responsibility of the company sponsoring it.

Sponsor spots on Lilly Through The Valley are a viable for a month ($20), 3 months ($50), 6 months ($80) and a year ($100). For individual blog post advertisements please contact me.

If you are a family friendly company I look forward to reviewing you product. If there are any questions/concern or you would like a review/advertisement on Lilly Through The Valley please contact me through my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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