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Planning For My Best Year Ever!

Two weeks ago, something caught my eye on my Facebook feed; Rachel Cook is running her Best Year Ever Challenge. Of course, in true fashion, I was late to the party- but I did spend that weekend planning my best year. Then, something exciting happened, I started to plan for a career for the first… Continue reading Planning For My Best Year Ever!

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Affiliate Links Are Being Added

As I am slowly re-branding, there are a few changes that are being made to my blog.  A few years ago, I tried the whole affiliate route; and well, it was more work than income coming in so I stopped. Yes, I know affiliate links are often a bloggers bread and butter, but I haven't had… Continue reading Affiliate Links Are Being Added

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Let’s Get Real About Goal Planning

It’s the season of New Year’s Resolutions and this is where I roll my eyes. Honestly New Year’s Resolutions are my least favourite things to do. Right now you will see post about making this year the best year for your business and they are right. 2018 should be your best year ever because you… Continue reading Let’s Get Real About Goal Planning