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Do You Take Breaks?

Last week I took an unexpected break from social media. I didn't post anything on here, Facebook and Instagram were quiet but I was okay with that. Sure my numbers tanked but over all I feel great. I am the soul writer of this blog and I take care of two kids of additional needs… Continue reading Do You Take Breaks?

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Let’s Get Real About Goal Planning

It’s the season of New Year’s Resolutions and this is where I roll my eyes. Honestly New Year’s Resolutions are my least favourite things to do. Right now you will see post about making this year the best year for your business and they are right. 2018 should be your best year ever because you… Continue reading Let’s Get Real About Goal Planning

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Your A Boss Momma And Probably Don’t Know It

Your mind is boggled down with a to do list of chores while chasing a little person around a couch. You might be so tired that you left the milk in the cupboard instead of the fridge. As your making dinner your quickly commenting on other people's Facebook post and liking Instagram pictures. Some of… Continue reading Your A Boss Momma And Probably Don’t Know It