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Let’s Talk About Afo’s And Shoes

A few years ago, I wrote a post  called Winter Boots and AFOs (which still gets a lot of traffic, but it's outdated). Lilly's got her first pair of AFOs at age two, and it was terrifying! How do you find shoes to fit these things? I began to hate shoe shopping. Now that I have had to… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Afo’s And Shoes

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Therapeutic Horseback Ridding; Our Story

A few weeks ago on my personal Facebook page, a memory came up from three years ago. It was Lilly riding our former "therapeutic" miniature horse. I sat there for a good five minutes watching her riding unassisted, (no spotters on either side of her) with an adult leading her around. Her core was strong and she was… Continue reading Therapeutic Horseback Ridding; Our Story

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My Thoughts On #EndAutismNow and the word #Epidemic

Today I am talking about something that has always rubbed me the wrong way; the idea that we need to "end" diagnoses and that we are in an "epidemic". Whenever I see things suggesting that we need to end an epidemic related to disabilities, it makes my stomach turn. Last week a video to this… Continue reading My Thoughts On #EndAutismNow and the word #Epidemic

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Mental Health; My Tool Box

A few weeks ago in my post "Mental Health Is Your Journey" I talked about the five myths surrounding mental health that I have had to overcome. Each person is on their own path with  mental health and needs their own strategies. What works for me might not work for you and vise versa. Today I am… Continue reading Mental Health; My Tool Box