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My Thoughts On #EndAutismNow and the word #Epidemic

Today I am talking about something that has always rubbed me the wrong way; the idea that we need to "end" diagnoses and that we are in an "epidemic". Whenever I see things suggesting that we need to end an epidemic related to disabilities, it makes my stomach turn. Last week a video to this… Continue reading My Thoughts On #EndAutismNow and the word #Epidemic

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Mental Health; My Tool Box

A few weeks ago in my post "Mental Health Is Your Journey" I talked about the five myths surrounding mental health that I have had to overcome. Each person is on their own path with  mental health and needs their own strategies. What works for me might not work for you and vise versa. Today I am… Continue reading Mental Health; My Tool Box

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Making Christmas Memories With Sick Kids

In media you will start to see movies, pictures and advertisements on what the perfect Christmas should look like. Today I am going to be quite frank to you I avoid them because they are a reminder of what doesn’t happen in my house. Some years I am lucky to even get a Christmas dinner… Continue reading Making Christmas Memories With Sick Kids

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Christmas Presents and Additional Needs

First I will say I am the kind of person who doesn’t usually talk about Christmas until December but this season I feel like I need to talk about Christmas as a Medical Momma. Christmas time can be a hard season for many reasons and when you through in some additional needs it can be… Continue reading Christmas Presents and Additional Needs