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Introducing Baby

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook for the last year you have already meet this furry ball of cuteness. Baby is a year and half cockapoo that Lilly got as her wish from The Rainbow Society Of Alberta. The wish was approved before her major surgery in 2016 but the way things worked… Continue reading Introducing Baby

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My Christmas Tips

Last week I was quiet on social media and here because it was one of those weeks. It was the one year anniversary since Lilly's operation and I got a new niece at the end of the week. I chose to sit and reflect about where we were this time last year. Then at the end of… Continue reading My Christmas Tips

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Making Christmas Memories With Sick Kids

In media you will start to see movies, pictures and advertisements on what the perfect Christmas should look like. Today I am going to be quite frank to you I avoid them because they are a reminder of what doesn’t happen in my house. Some years I am lucky to even get a Christmas dinner… Continue reading Making Christmas Memories With Sick Kids

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Christmas Presents and Additional Needs

First I will say I am the kind of person who doesn’t usually talk about Christmas until December but this season I feel like I need to talk about Christmas as a Medical Momma. Christmas time can be a hard season for many reasons and when you through in some additional needs it can be… Continue reading Christmas Presents and Additional Needs

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Medical Momma; Our Journey With Adaptive Bikes

Four years ago when I first asked the question, "Could Lilly ride a bike?" I had no idea the journey we would take with the You Can Ride 2 Program. If you do not know what the You Can Ride 2 Program is it is a program in Edmonton, Alberta that loans out adaptive bikes… Continue reading Medical Momma; Our Journey With Adaptive Bikes

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Bonding Over Makeup With My Daughter

On Facebook the TV show Speechless has a clip going around about their season premier that says "disability is no excuse." It literally made me stop because this is has been my slogan for a long time but truthfully I have been allowing my daughters disability get in the way of something...her love for make… Continue reading Bonding Over Makeup With My Daughter

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5 Things Every Medical Mom Needs In Her Emergency Room Bag

Your probably thinking what's an Emergency Room bag? (ER Bag) Well when Lilly was a baby I got into the habit of keeping an extra bag on hand with the basic needs I would have during an ER visit. As life changed I got out of the habit but after this summer I found myself needing… Continue reading 5 Things Every Medical Mom Needs In Her Emergency Room Bag