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Medical Momma: The Struggle Of Halloween

It's Halloween and I am going to get real with you about it. As a Mom of two children with additional needs Halloween is nerve racking. Scratch that, honestly all holidays are a walking time bomb with my children. Before kids, you know those days when you had theories about what your parenting would be… Continue reading Medical Momma: The Struggle Of Halloween

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Mom Of Boy: Embracing A-man

A few weeks ago in my post  A-man's And Sensory Processing Disorder I talked about how during the year off A-man was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. Once I had the diagnose I embraced it and that was when we saw a lot of positive changes. Issues like Potty Training, behaviour control and soothers became manageable.… Continue reading Mom Of Boy: Embracing A-man

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Medical Mom: Wheelchair Dancing

Dancing, yes this kid is throwing another hurdle at me. Lilly has always loved dancing from a baby and we have in the past tried adaptive dance lessons when she was a toddler. You can probably hear a BUT it's a huge BUT...Her physical regression. It's hard to sign her up for anything because you… Continue reading Medical Mom: Wheelchair Dancing

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Lilly’s DIY Advent Calendar

Due to A-man coming down with another bout of respiratory virus last weeks homeschooling post got delayed to this Friday. This month for homeschooling we are focusing on Jesus Birthday. No Santa things. No "winter" or "holiday" theme. We are focusing on Jesus and how he was born. In our schooling we are learning the… Continue reading Lilly’s DIY Advent Calendar

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Roar Into Dinosaur Theme Homeschooling

When the idea of doing a dinosaur theme for the month of November I was hesitant. I was not even sure Lilly liked Dinosaurs. The more I explored Dinosaurs on Pinterest the more I got excited. There where so many fun activities to do! Plus it brought back so many found memories of my brother… Continue reading Roar Into Dinosaur Theme Homeschooling

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Mix Match Curriculum

Since Lilly came home from the hospital we have been working on one goal or another. Since having A-man I have learned most baby things just happen. Yes, you nurture them but most of the time he will hit milestones with very little effort. Well at least with A-man it seems that way. There's no short term developmental goals… Continue reading Mix Match Curriculum