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Momma Confessions; Fitness Goals

Does your fitness goals bring you joy? For me they didn’t. My goals where based on the fact that I wanted to lose weight and I felt that the goals I chose would get me there. My goals where based on the same formula that I have been doing since a teenager but this year… Continue reading Momma Confessions; Fitness Goals

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My Christmas Tips

Last week I was quiet on social media and here because it was one of those weeks. It was the one year anniversary since Lilly's operation and I got a new niece at the end of the week. I chose to sit and reflect about where we were this time last year. Then at the end of… Continue reading My Christmas Tips

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Healthy Momma Thursdays; Fitting Into My Wife Nightshirt

This past spring I needed new summer pyjamas and headed out to my nearest box store to pick up some cotton night-shirt. You know the kind that have sayings like "Don't Talk To Me Until I Have Coffee." They are basically a long t-shirt and well let's just say I had the choice of those… Continue reading Healthy Momma Thursdays; Fitting Into My Wife Nightshirt

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Healthy Momma Thursday; Accountability

Yes by the time you read this it is probably Friday but this is my Healthy Momma Thursday post. Thursday was one of those days that just kept throwing things. Ends up I never got the message about a school meeting which left me spending my blogging time in an hour meeting. (Booo 😦 I`d… Continue reading Healthy Momma Thursday; Accountability

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5 Healthy Habits Changes

One day this past September I was crying to The Hubby about how frustrated I was about not losing weight. I'd get excited and start something...Than I would back slide into bad habits again. The Hubby sighed and listened to me rant and rave for a bit before saying something astonishing. Your trying to do too… Continue reading 5 Healthy Habits Changes