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Overcoming My Mindset With Food

The first time I got into training, it was by accident. I put my baby into the stroller and we went for a walk every day. One day, my husband clocked my walk; it was 5 km.  By the time I realized how much I was working out, I was hooked. That was a great… Continue reading Overcoming My Mindset With Food

Fitness · Loving Who I am

Back Into Training

In last week’s post “Why Edmonton Needs You Can Ride 2”, I talked about how 2019 might be the last year for the adaptive bike program. Two of You Can Ride 2’s fundraisers are physically challenging, (at least for me); but I have decided to sign up for them next year anyway! The first fundraiser… Continue reading Back Into Training

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Mental Health; My Tool Box

A few weeks ago in my post "Mental Health Is Your Journey" I talked about the five myths surrounding mental health that I have had to overcome. Each person is on their own path with  mental health and needs their own strategies. What works for me might not work for you and vise versa. Today I am… Continue reading Mental Health; My Tool Box

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The Taylor Way: My Connection

This post contains affiliate links. In last week's post, I hinted that there was a huge change coming and I am excited to finally share it with you. I have become an affiliate of The Taylor Way!  You are probably wondering what the heck is The Taylor Way, and what does that mean for you as… Continue reading The Taylor Way: My Connection