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My Dream Planner

Have you ever had the best laid plans but things happen? That's what has happened to my post Mom Of Boy: Embracing A-man. It's supposed to be today's post but life got in the way. Well it all started when Lilly got sick and since then brain fog has happened. It seems I can no… Continue reading My Dream Planner

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Re-start On Momma Wonderings

When I decided to walk away for a year there was a huge part of me that was left wondering if I would be back. I was tired, burned out and discouraged. A part of me was so dried out as a person that I couldn't see down from up. Have you been there? Can… Continue reading Re-start On Momma Wonderings

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Halloween And Special Needs: What You Need To Know

Once a month I contribute to Satisfaction Through Christ. It's something that God called me to do last spring and I love writing there. I also interact in Satisfaction Through Christ Facebook Group. You can find me and other authors of the blog interacting with readers. Todays post I am putting a bit of what I have written over there here and than… Continue reading Halloween And Special Needs: What You Need To Know