About Me

Who’s the person behind the blog?

Hi, I am Candice and this blog is my rumblings of wondering through life.  Motherhood through me into the uncharted waters of Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Rare Conditions, Sensory Processing Disorder, Medical Mom, and Medical PTSD. You can read about the start of our journey at Our Story. During this journey Blogging has became one of my biggest stress relief. It has allowed me to meet some amazing people through out the years.

Since becoming a Momma I have learned that as women we are not supposed to go alone in rising these special little gifts from God. That we need our circle of friends to encourage us during tough times and good times. Friends that we can laugh with when our child puts soap into our chili because he thought it would add flavor to the meal. One thing I have also learned is raising children with unique needs can often make you feel like your alone. Hearing other people’s journey’s can often break down that barrier.

Being a medical mom has changed my life. The first four years of it I had a lot of medical issues due to stress. In that time I learned the importance of taking care of myself by eating right, working out and balancing stress. I now have a passion of 5ks, low carb eating, and crocheting. During my journey I have learned that life isn’t about the scale number but about strength. Being healthy is about being strong in God, physically, and mentally.

If you stick around you will laugh, cry and maybe find something that will inspire you!