About Me

Candice is a wife and mother.  She is a former Early Childhood Professional, having left the field to raise her own two children. Candice is familiar with neurodiversity; she has a speech disorder. Additionally, both of her children are neurodiverse; her daughter has cerebral palsy, and her son has sensory processing disorder, and a speech disorder.

Seven years ago, she started a blog, as a means of sharing therapy ideas and developing connections with other moms. Early Intervention has been a part of both of her children’s lives, and it has become a passion of hers. Often you will find posts about Early Intervention on the blog.

Candice is an advocate for disability rights, because it affects her as well as her children. She has a unique perspective on disability rights and advocacy which have been shaped by her own experience of growing up with a disability.

In October 2018, Candice became the Volunteer Social Media Manager for the Edmonton, Alberta adaptive bike program called You Can Ride 2. This program has deeply impacted her family, and in this position, she uses the skills she has learned from blogging. The program provides access to an adaptive bicycle, and has allowed her children to make memories that will last a lifetime.