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November A New Season

Seven years ago, when I first started blogging, I followed writers who were focused on how to be a Titus 2 woman and a Proverbs 31 wife. Until I stumbled across these posts, I had never heard of this concept.

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During this period of my life, I felt so lost. Mentally, I was still in the early stages of recovering from a traumatic birthing experience, and I was unaware of the state of my mental health. The tips shared from those bloggers were a lifeline during a time when I was just trying to survive.

These two sections of the Bible allowed me to focus on who I was a person. The concepts I learned from that time have become the basis of how I minister to other women. I have a circle of women who are my Titus 2 ladies; they are all in different seasons of their lives, and they mentor me. Their knowledge, wisdom, and understanding have often given me new perspective. As for being a Proverbs 31 wife, I have learned that it is a process, it’s something I am constantly working on.

In November, Women Living Well’s will host its 9th Annual “Making Your Home A Haven Challenge”. This is a favourite challenge of mine. It is a great way to focus during a busy season; and actually, I started part of the challenge in September (due to us getting above average snow fall). My favourite part of the challenge is lighting a candle (the premise is to light it while you work, and every time your gaze falls on it, to pray). Doing this deepens my prayer life, which in turn controls my anxiety.

During November, I am also going to be focusing on connecting with people. Often my schedule is out of control, and it is easy to forget the human aspect. I was gently reminded by my Pastor a few Sunday’s ago that you cannot be who God calls you to be if you are not connected to your community! Building community can be hard and challenging but it is necessary. I feel disconnected from life when I don’t take the time to connect with people in my community.

This November, I am going to allow these concepts to refresh my spirit, and I will also be taking up some challenges. What changes does November bring for you?


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