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This Halloween; We Are Taking Up The Teal Pumpkin Challenge

In a past post, (Medical Momma, the Struggle of Halloween) I wrote about the challenges I face raising two neurodiverse kids; especially around Halloween. Halloween is difficult for my kids because of the sensory overload. In the past few years, I have noticed teal pumpkins filling my social media feeds.  As I read up on it, my heart was warmed and filled with joy.

This is not a sponsored or affiliate link post.

The Teal Pumpkin Challenge is hosted by Food Allergy, Research & Education. Here is there video introducing the project.

Food allergies have affected our family in the past; and it was frustrating trying to find treats that were safe for A-man to eat. As he has gotten older, his allergy has not affected him in the way as it once did. Because my children are both neurodiverse, trick or treating is also challenging; one child can only eat half the treats given, and is unable to get up to most of the houses. The Teal Pumpkin Challenge will make Halloween safer and more fun for my children. I am taking the challenge myself and if you are also interested, there are a few things to remember: some kids have allergies, feeding disorders, are socially awkward, have speech disorders, are neurodiverse, and/or have physical disabilities.

At our house, we will be giving out Playdough along with bags of chips (as long as supplies last). Please indicate if your child would like playdough.

I made a teal pumpkin using a pumpkin candy holder, a flameless candle, and some teal paint. It only took me ten minutes to make. It is something so simple and easy and it can make a child’s Halloween experience so much better.

I hope to see more Teal Pumpkins out this Halloween! Leave a comment below if your joining The Teal Pumpkin Challenge!


6 thoughts on “This Halloween; We Are Taking Up The Teal Pumpkin Challenge

  1. I love this idea. Some year I’m going to be on the ball enough to get play-dough so we can participate; everywhere always seems to be out by the time we get around to looking for the little ones to give out…


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