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Let’s Talk About Afo’s And Shoes

A few years ago, I wrote a post  called Winter Boots and AFOs (which still gets a lot of traffic, but it’s outdated). Lilly’s got her first pair of AFOs at age two, and it was terrifying! How do you find shoes to fit these things? I began to hate shoe shopping. Now that I have had to buy shoes for AFOs (leg braces) for seven years, I have decided to share the tips that I have learned while shopping for shoes to fit them.

This post in not a sponsored post. I have received no compensation or product for the brands that are mentioned. The two brands who provided photo`s did it out of goodwill due to the fact I did not have graphics of there product. I enjoyed working with them. 

I have found that the best type of “typical” shoes are skateboarding shoes, high top style runners and Pale shoes. When we use a “typical” style shoe, I always go for the size that has width, then I take out the sole to give the shoe more height clearance on the inside.  Shoes with a stiff back are also key for longevity.

Photo Credit: The Butler Brand

Living in Canada, there is always a concern about finding suitable winter boots. Over the years, shopping for them has become easier (but maybe I have just gotten better at finding them).  For  winter boots, I look for skateboard style boots with Velcro fasteners.

Since the last time I bought shoes for AFOs there are more options available on the market; more companies are making shoes for AFOs. Nike has the Flyzease but do not ship to Canada so I can’t get a pair. In the past six months, the shoes that have caught my eye are Butler BootsShoes For Afos, and Billy Footwear.

Photo Credit: Shoes For Afos

I also found out that the Butler Brand has a Facebook group called “Butler with Orthotics” where parents can ask questions.

Over the years, Lilly’s rare condition with her leg growth and the swelling of her legs has given us some challenges. We have had to take into consideration the fabric of the shoe, and style before buying. Recently, Lilly got a new style of AFOs called a Hybrid. Her left AFO has a heel cup, (now I will be going on a new adventure of shoe shopping and buying!)

Please feel free to comment below about your experience with shopping for and buying shoes for AFOs.


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