Lilly Through The Valley

Lilly Through The Valley Is Back; Just Not As A Blog

If you have been following me for a while you would remember that I used to blog under Lilly Through The Valley. The blog was a bit different then this one in the sense well I only had one child and often I would blog about our early intervention plans. It was more faith based and had a different feel to it. I have been toying with bringing it back but I just don’t have the time to commit to a second blog. In the last while I have also had a few comments about how we do things. How do you plan? Where did you start?

That’s when the idea to start a new category and page label it Lilly Through The Valley came about. With the way my brain works I need a subdivision of Momma Wonderings to pull this off. When I think of the Early Intervention Years my mind instantly goes back to Lilly Through The Valley days. It is how I made sense of the storm around us.  Under Lilly Through The Valley I will be posting things like:

Early Speech Therapy

Early Physicotherapy

Occupational Therapy

 If I work really hard there might even be a e-book. 🙂 One thing I can guarantee is there will be a whole lot of cuteness because I will be using some baby photo’s and make sure you check out the Lilly Through The Valley Page!


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