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Free Ultimate Weekly Planner: For Children With Disabilities

At the beginning of August, I was reflecting on last year’s school year. Thinking about this year,  I could feel the anxiety rising inside me. I was freaking out because in my brain,  I have so much information about Lilly, and expressing her needs to others can be difficult.  In Lilly’s daily life, there can be up to six other caregivers besides me.  It can be exhausting keeping track of all that information! That is why I came up with The Ultimate Weekly Planner.

For the past two years, I have purchased “The Home Life Planner” PDF by Grace Peters. It cost me $50 to buy the PDF, then have it printed and bound. For me, it was/is worth it because in the long run, it saves me money. When I miss appointments, show up on the wrong day, or have other mix ups; not being organised costs me time and money.

One of the most important things about a planner is that it lowers stress. It’s also a way to unload information from my brain and put it on paper.

Last year, Lilly had a school agenda and a daily log book. For me it was a pain; I always forgot to send one, or fill out the other. Keeping up with Lilly’s paper work is my least favourite thing and I really was wishing it was more like my Home Life Planner. That’s when I got an idea to just buy a Special Needs School planner, however it was then that I realised none of them were a fit for us and the life we lead. I would have to purchase two different planners to get what I wanted!

After some quick Googling, I found out how to quickly make my own template for Lilly. As I started making my templates, I realised that if I am having this problem, other parents could be experiencing this too! With that in mind, I decided to offer my readers my own weekly planner as a free PDF.

In this free PDF, there are two weekly calendars, one that I use for Lilly and the other for A-man. Lilly’s weekly planner is focused more on daily medication and therapy documentation, while A-man’s has more of a primary focus {with an area for notes to teachers/parents, daily tracking of habits, a way to keep track of important school dates, and weekly therapy goals}.

The best thing is that you can customise it to each child! I hope that if you use this planner, it will make your life easier like it did mine!


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