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Mental Health; My Tool Box

A few weeks ago in my post “Mental Health Is Your Journey” I talked about the five myths surrounding mental health that I have had to overcome. Each person is on their own path with  mental health and needs their own strategies. What works for me might not work for you and vise versa. Today I am sharing what strategies.

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A few years ago, I started visualising a tool box in my mind, and the tools contained in it help me to deal with the circumstances in my life. In our day to day lives, we use many strategies to help us succeed in life and I often think of those strategies as tools.

This mindset came from an Early Intervention Nurse during Lilly’s early years. During our talks, she would often refer to Lilly’s therapy strategies as tools and that everyone’s tool box looks different. The amount of tools in a person’s tool box depends on their life experiences.

I personally have four areas that I like to think of as tool boxes: Parenting, Marriage, Therapy, and Mental Health. The area I am talking about today is Mental Health. When I first started the journey of healing, my mental health tool box was bare and now it’s often hard to close the lid!

As a blogger, I have read lots of posts/books on strategies on how to keep your house clean, the benefits of self care, and these are just some of the examples. The things that worked for me I kept in my tool box and what didn’t work I threw away. Today I am going to reveal my 6 Top Tools

Life Coaching. This is a huge tool for me. I personally have tried both the traditional way of concealing, and life coaching and found this is my niche.  A lot of coaches have courses, will do coaching over the phone, or have podcasts and blogs with free tips. My life is busy on the best day and getting to an appointment in a building is difficult. I was constantly re-booking my mental health appointments before finding this outlet.

Faith . If I don’t take care of my relationship with God I can’t function mentally. People around me notice that I am not myself if I don’t worship and read my bible on a regular basis.

Fitness. Whether it is yoga or going for a 5k walk, I need it to brush the cobwebs out of my brain. Often when I am in a rut, I will just go for a walk and afterwards I think so much more clearly.

Black Out Dates. This is a new tool but I am completely in love with it! I’ve started blacking out dates in my planner as holidays/therapy strategies and setting rules for them. For example for the month of July, we were on a medical holiday. I did not allow myself to deal with medical life unless it was urgent; now I feel refreshed and ready for September.

Mental Health CEO Dates.  On a regular basis I have a date with myself to do a check in. Often I make new goals, or adjust goals and/or expectations in life surrounding my mental health.

Positive People. I am picky with whom I invest time. The people I spend time with are often people who are positive and uplifting in my life. I deal with a lot of negative thoughts, and I don’t need other people’s negative thoughts making it worse.

Do you use the tool box visualisation to help your mental health?

If you are struggling with mental I encourage you to seek out medical health. I personally use The Taylor Way (and if you use my affiliate code TTWA25, you can get $25 off the online courses).


11 thoughts on “Mental Health; My Tool Box

  1. These are great tools! I think sometimes it’s hard to identify which tools each individual wants to keep in their toolbox. Good for you for figuring that out!


    1. It is and that is why I find having a CEO Date really important. When I started treating my mental health just as important as a job things changed. Taking the time every few weeks to invest in making sure I was on the right track mentally helps way more in the long run.


  2. It’s amazing the power of positivity! Surrounding yourself with positive people is really important and such a great tool for mental health. I love the idea of black out dates too.


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