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Taking Back The Moments

Moments are huge in life. They define our memories and who we are as people. There was a period in my life that I couldn’t be in the moment. (I now realise that I was dealing with a mental health issue). I often felt that I wasn’t good enough, and felt that I was a disaster as a Mom. At that time in my life, a natural trauma rocked the core of who I was as a person… I couldn’t be the Mom I wanted to be. God is so great, He brought influences into my life that started me on a this journey of becoming a much stronger Mom then I ever imagined.

A few weeks ago, Sara Drew asked people to send in their life changing stories. On impulse, I did it; but as I did, I realised how much the movie Mom’s Night Out changed my thinking when it was released. There’s a line in it that kinda went, “As Moms, You are your biggest critics!” Also there is the saying, “I am having a moment.”

That was the start of my journey of giving myself grace and it was okay of rehab didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to because it wasn’t my fault. Somehow, in the last year, I have gone back to that old thinking. It just took a moment to stop and realise the change. The great thing about knowing there’s an issue is that you can change it! So this is the shake up I am going to do;

Take Back My Moments


  • Start taking risks again! I have been so busy trying to micromanage all the regression issues that I don’t take huge risks. I just try to keep things calm and controlled on the homefront.
  • Own the moments even if they are bad. One thing I am trying out this summer is telling my kids “I am having a moment and need a Mommy Time Out.” Why? Because you cannot go through the whole day as a caregiver without taking breaks or you’ll be burned out by middle of July! (Been there, done that).
  • Live in the moment. Easier to write than do I know!! But it needs to be done, especially with little ones underfoot.



Stop Being My Biggest Critic

I know this is harder to do than write. Those pesky negative thoughts are constantly bombarding me but I am going to do it. I am going back to how I did it five years ago by writing down “5 Ways I Am An Awesome Mom” each day. Plus speak words of positive affirmation on myself. How do I know this will work?? Well, it worked in the past.


8 thoughts on “Taking Back The Moments

  1. If us mom’s are unwell then we are unable to care properly for our kids. As a SAHM of 2 tots, I’m reminded of this lesson every time I am ill. Sometimes being able to shower by myself makes a huge difference in my day.


  2. I definitely can relate to this!! I’ve really been getting into the practice on seeing the positives first, what did I get done today? Instead of noticing first what is still left on the to do list! It’s really helped me mentally to not feel like it was a negative day!


  3. So true, Mama! When I need a mommy timeout, I tell my kids that I’m having some space (and then close the kitchen gate while I sneak a treat). It usually means they’re in front of screens for a few minutes, but you do what you gotta do!


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