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The Taylor Way: My Connection

This post contains affiliate links.

In last week’s post, I hinted that there was a huge change coming and I am excited to finally share it with you. I have become an affiliate of The Taylor Way!  You are probably wondering what the heck is The Taylor Way, and what does that mean for you as a reader?

The Taylor Way is the brain child of unconventional life coach Dawn Taylor. Dawn does coaching person to person, by phone, and now by her unique online courses.

Because I am an affiliate of The Taylor Way, I have an affiliate code (meaning I will get a small commission off any purchase you make) and you will get $25 off a course if you use my code TTWA25 .

Why have I decided to become an affiliate? My Why is complicated. The simple and straight forward answer is because she is my coach. You read it right… Dawn Taylor is my person. She is the person I send my friends to. If I am spiralling out of control, often all it takes is reading one of her blog posts to get back on track.

How did she become my coach?

Before Dawn had The Taylor Way and was thinking about becoming a life coach she asked me a simple question. “How do you handle your grief?” Part of me was so shocked because it was the first time anyone had asked me that question in a group setting. Up until that moment in my life, not a lot of people mentioned my elephant in the room but this woman was brave enough to ask. The amazing thing was that she wasn’t afraid of my answer. It was a very empowering moment.

Now here is my back story with Dawn; I cannot remember the first time I met Dawn. It could have been at a common friend’s or possibly school.  Dawn and I grew up in the same small town. I was in school with her younger sibling and our Mom’s where on a fundraising committee for band trips. I also caught the same bus as her (future) husband to school, I wasn’t close to her family but we had a lot of commonalities.

One of the things I do remember being told to pray for someone’s sister (Dawn) because she was really sick; (a part of her amazing story that you can find on her website).

The day I reconnected with Dawn I was eight months pregnant with A-man and wasn’t too sure about myself. In most social settings, (as Dawn would say,) “I tell the answer people expect.” The first time she said to me, “Do you want the real answer or the answer I tell people?” It blew my mind to pieces and I now use it a lot.

That conversation was so real and honest that it left a permanent imprint on me. This summer has a theme of mental health on the blog and I am glad to have this opportunity to refer you to my personal resource.

In two weeks, I will be talking about how Mental Health Is Your Journey. In that post I am going to talk about what has worked and what hasn’t worked for me personally. I am also going to talk about why sometimes unconventional methods do work, like using a coach.


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