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Affiliate Links Are Being Added

As I am slowly re-branding, there are a few changes that are being made to my blog.  A few years ago, I tried the whole affiliate route; and well, it was more work than income coming in so I stopped. Yes, I know affiliate links are often a bloggers bread and butter, but I haven’t had that kind of success with them. The real question is “Why would I bring back something to my blog which had not worked in the past??”

Something really awesome will be coming to Momma Wondering’s which I am going to announce next week!! In order to do this, I now need to have posts with affiliate links in them.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a link that takes you to a product (that I could make a small commission from by mentioning it). By FTC Regulations, I have to let you know that I may get a commission if you proceed to the link. Yes, there are laws around this.

How does it affect the blog?

In the posts where I use affiliate links, I will be letting you know at the start of the post that it will have a link in it. There will also be a disclosure on my side bar stating that this blog contains affiliate links and them and sponsored posts. I will also be posting a “quality of post” under my disclosure area.

Will I be doing sponsored posts again?

This is a great question and honestly I don’t know. I have done a few in the past; I did one for Fresh Fit Foods and review for Moms Night Out. I like working on these types of posts, but at this moment I am not actively searching out opportunities.

Do I get compensated for a Sponsored Post?

Yes, I do. In the past, I have accepted free/discounted products in exchange for my opinion of the product. Some bloggers even get a fee for their time…(one can dream about that!)

Will there be products mentioned on the blog that are not sponsored?

Yes, yes and oh my yes!!! I love sharing things I find that I think my readers will love and enjoy.

Is my opinion my own?

On this blog, all opinions expressed are 100% mine, and no company can buy it. If I love something it’s because I really love the product! Don’t worry I have re-vamped my blogs disclaimer, (which is completely different then a privacy policy) that way you know exactly where I stand on things ethical.

Now that I have made a huge change to the blog, you will just have to come back next week to find out why!



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