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Is Hobby Blogging A Thing Of The Past?

This has been a question I have been pondering for the last while. During this season I basically have no time to be anything but a hobby blogger. The thing is it’s getting harder and harder to get your blog out there. When I first started blogging a post would get easily 200 views and now I am lucky if it gets 18.

Post on social media don’t go as far as they used to and well I am noticing it’s harder to do free blogging. Honestly I get it. Blogging isn’t what it used to be and well there is so many!! Now I am at a cross roads; do I give up and shut down this blog or do I re-brand a bit?

Honestly I was totally about to shut down this blog. With new standards coming out it just seems to overwhelming to keep up. Then I watched a video by Kristina Kuzmic talking about being a discouraged blogger and vlogger. She said something that struck a cord and well I decided to keep at it.

I am changing things up.

I am going to start being more disciplined. This last year I have been anything but. You see when I get emotionally and physically overwhelmed all the best intentional plans end up on the way side. I know what I need to do but get stalled.

Right now I am working on a CEO plan for this blog to get it back and running. Plus I am stretching and going to start submitting to other publishers. Scary right?

One things I did do is update me disclosure agreement to make sure it matches today’s standards.

Are you in a slimier boat that your about to give up on your hobby blog? I’d like to know. Leave me a comment below letting me know what your doing to change your hobby blog.


11 thoughts on “Is Hobby Blogging A Thing Of The Past?

  1. Hey! Great post!! I agree, blogs are definitely not as popular as they were. You are doing the right thing! I was at that same crossroads as you wondering whether to continue or not. I decided to continue the blog but I bumped back down to premium and am just using it as kind my author website for now. Have you ever thought of writing a book? It’s a really amazing experience and talk about honing your writing skills!
    Good luck with your future blogging endeavors!


    1. Actually that is what I am transitioning towards is finding my niche as an author or going for a life coach certification 😀 A book is something I need to buckle down and do. The plan was last fall to finally do it but life went sideways. Fingers crossed this summer might be the time. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. I can identify with this a lot. It is really hard going and sometimes I do wonder if it is worth it at all or if it is even gaining any traction. Or if there is any progress it feels so minimal and almost negligible. Trying to promote a blog is hard work on top of doing all the other necessities of life. Certainly a Christian blog sometimes seems harder going.

    I don’t know if a subject that is more practical in nature such teaching someone exact steps on how to do something might be better received (eg playing an instrument or learning a skill). It’s something I have to keep evaluating from month to month.


    1. I get the struggle of promoting a blog that is Christian can be hard. 😀 I also find because I talk about disabilities promoting it can be tricky. In the past I found writing about other interest like being healthy really helped with promoting it. Honestly that’s why I have a fitness following on my IG accounts.


  3. blog at your pace until you are ready to launch into something more, wordpress is amazing to me. Also, since i didnt have much to work with i went with namecheap hosting for less than 10 for the year then another 10 for comodo security on my site to have the https to be in compliance. there are a ton of different things to keep up on if you decide to launch . i follow a great mom blog that still runs on the free wordpress one.

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  4. Hi Candice,
    I agree. There are times when I start feeling like “why am I doing this?” No one looks at my content other than the same 4 or 5 people.
    I don’t know how long you’ve been blogging. I’m a newbie. So I just remember what others have told me. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
    Thanks for being so open and honest. Know that you’re not alone.

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