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Introducing Baby

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook for the last year you have already meet this furry ball of cuteness. Baby is a year and half cockapoo that Lilly got as her wish from The Rainbow Society Of Alberta. The wish was approved before her major surgery in 2016 but the way things worked out Baby was born in the September before her surgery. (Nothing like dealing with rehab surgery and a puppy at the same time)

Photo credit Heavenly Pups

Why A Puppy?

Lilly loves animals and pet therapy has been a huge part of her life. When our black lab passed away in 2015 Lilly really missed her. Her psychologist told us the faster we get a animal in the house the better it would be for her. We chose a cockapoo because of it’s size. Since Lilly is only 40 pounds we have to cautious of things sitting on her lap and playing with her. The other reason why we went this route is The Hubby is allergic to dog dandruff and saliva.  He isn’t allergic to Baby’s hair but the saliva, (Baby was trained not to lick people.)

He is well trained.

With therapist, respite workers and high stress environment I new that we would need at top notch trainer on our hands. This is where Monica from Paws In Paradise comes in to play. She is the grue of dog behaviour and made life so much simpler for me by being our trainer. She troubled shoot some issues that where unique to our situation and now I have a dog that fits into our craziness.

The best part of the addition is Lilly’s smiles. I love how Lilly and Baby communicate with each other. The other night I watched Lilly sitting on the floor all she did was knock on the floor and off Baby goes running toward her. The smile on Lilly’s face when Baby listens and responds to her made all the hard work pay off.

I’d like to thank The Rainbow Society, Heavenly Pups and Monica for working with us to make this wish come true!


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