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Invaded By Castles

Last Friday in Momma Confessions: Home Based Learning I mentioned that we went back to basics and started up a routine that I used to do a lot with Lilly. Basically what I did was take my Early Childhood training and infuse it with the homework pamphlets I would get from therapist.  Between the two I would come up with a home school planning for Lilly.

Lilly has what is called a flexible curriculum due to her delays and disabilities. I always have had to adapt things to her ability. When A-man came a long I just did the same thing automatically for him. He was doing home therapy alongside Lilly as soon as he could sit up. Fast forward to today I have two kids who are used to learning new things and get bored when they don’t.

First thing I need to explain is that Lilly’s brain has a 2 hour activity level before she is done for the day. Sometimes that is for the whole day. My planning reflects this and this might be something to consider.

I chose a topic my kids are interested in and at the time it is Castles. I have no idea why but I went with it. The next thing I do is fill in the blanks with three questions to investigate.

How Do You Make Castles

Who Lives In Castles

What Protects Castle’s. (This one we didn’t get to)

Next I figure out the next big one the sensory bin. This is huge in my house because sensory bins actually clam my children down. It’s a stress relief if I plan them right. For this topic I chose Kinetic Sand with a Castle, knight mold, and molds to make castles with.

A-man likes to do letter paper work for this I found a free medieval printable by Cassie at 3 Dinasours.com. I used this printable to print off work sheets, make lament pictures of Princess, castles, dragons and princess. I also used a castle page that I drew to decorate whenever A-man wanted to colour a castle.

During this time we made a DIY Duplo table for A-man and Lilly. They love it! It’s great fine motor work for both kids. A-man spent hours building castles with the Duplo.

During this time we watched movies like Beauty and The Beast, Puss N Boots, and Barbie Princess Charm School. The book we focused on was Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch

As for therapy I focused more on balancing the frustration levels in Lilly’s brain then anything. I also started working with a Mini IPad version of the Nova Chat with her that was successful. As for A-man he just had fun and I didn’t worry about a thing.

I am planning on keeping up with home based therapy and will be posting more about it on this blog. One way to keep up is follow my Instagram account because that is where I will be posting first about our activities. I also have a homeschooling board on Pinterest that reflects my research. Keep checking back for more activities.


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