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Momma Confessions; Home Based Therapy

For 6 years home based therapy was ingrained in our life. I have called it a couple of things over the years, homeschooling, un-schooling, play based therapy and now home based therapy. If you follow my Instagram account you would have seen pictures pop up after Christmas about activities we have been doing. This kind of pics used to dominate my social media but in past years they have tickled to far and few in between. Why?

The theory is when your child starts school you should be cutting therapy because they should be doing it at a school.

When Lilly started attending school I cut back to doing these kinds of things on school holidays. My planning for school holidays was loose and often didn’t have a theme behind it. They were more or so activities to keep the kids busy and out of my hair. (We all have been their)

This Christmas break I found myself going back to my roots. I told The Hubby, “I’m done doing it their way and we are going back to basics.” In my post Momma Confessions: Broken Hearted I talk about how I am going to stop listening to what the world is saying and start listening to God. This is just one of the steps I took to get the ball rolling.  I dusted off my Early Childhood Diploma, (from MacEwan University) and made my first program in 2 years.

The kids are into castles so my life became all about castles. My printer became busy printing off free castle print offs, the play dough was pulled out, kinetic sand bins were made and life got busy. Each day my kids would automatically start their school routine. By day 4 I started to notice a huge change.

I had happy kids!!

The Hubby noticed things where less stressful on the home front. I was able to do things like cook and get dishes done with out having too big of a break down.  Why would going back to basics be so big?


My kids are used to learning things. It’s ingrained into them from a young age.

Natural Physical Therapy

Our routine if full of stretches, and positions to build Lilly up.

Emotional Therapy    

I have naturally gotten into the habit of loading my planning full of activities that help with regulating stress for the kids. So when I started up again the kids were able to release some pent up stress.

In Monday’s post, Invaded by Castles I will be going into detail about my planning and the resources I used to accomplish it.


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