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Momma Confessions; Fitness Goals

Does your fitness goals bring you joy? For me they didn’t. My goals where based on the fact that I wanted to lose weight and I felt that the goals I chose would get me there. My goals where based on the same formula that I have been doing since a teenager but this year I did them differently. If you read my post yesterday Mommy Confessions: Goals Based On Joy I went into detail how I came about this change.

The question that floated around my brain was, “What about fitness brings me joy?” My answers were:

No shoulder pain


Being able to move without stiffness

That feeling of accomplishment when I finish a road race

All of these allow me to take care of my family and bring joy to others. Taking care of myself physically allows me to be able to serve others. For 2018 I made my fitness goals as:

Complete 2 road races. (One fun, one that will test me)

Rehab that shoulder and my joints.

Simple goals but they will bring me joy. The next step was to make sub goals to hit the bigger goals out of the park. I have goals like do 20 push ups per day for a week before bumping it up to 25, try to get two 2.5 ks in a week, and fuel my body properly.

I also joined a New Year, A New Your Challange by Jess at Revive Fitness. Within 2 days I knew I couldn’t do the physical part of the challenge and had to pull out of it but Jess did set my MICROS. (Which I am thankful for) For the last year I have been using a tractor for my food and not getting the desired result. This has left me discouraged and by spending 15 minutes with Jess to set my MICROS I learned a lot:

I was 1000 calories over with my tractor.

And I don’t eat enough fat.

With my app set properly I have been plugging away at eating more healthy and finding I feel way better. My mood has improved so much and the brain fog isn’t as bad as it has been in the last year. The Yoga I have started for my shoulder has also helped. My pain has gone done and is more manageable.

Over all I am feeling better and hopefully my shoulder integrity will be back in 5 weeks that I can join Jess second challenge of the year!

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