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Momma Confessions: Goals Based On Joy

End of 2017 had me reevaluating my goals for 2018. Yes, I finished them mid-December but when something changes how you look at them it is time to give them a tune up. One day at the end of 2017 I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day listening to a pod cast when I heard something that made me stop in my tracks.

Your goals should bring you joy and joy while serving others. The success of your life is a by-product of your joy.

At the time I made goals based on the sole purpose to accomplish something. How many times in my life have I heard, “To be successful you need the goals to support it!” It has probably been one too many times to count. To build my 2018 goals around joy just never accrued to me because I wasn’t taught that. I was taught to be a worker bee that had goals to support those habits.

With a broken heart/discouraged heart I looked at my goals and found them lacking Joy. I found myself asking, “What would bring joy into my life while serving others?”

This blog

Joy in this household

Bring Joy to friends and family.

I know these are pretty open ended but it was a start to some big soul searching. I found that when I work out it actually brings me joy. When I eat right it gives me the fuel to interact with my children at a level that brings me joy. Writing this blog brings me joy because I can interact with other parents with additional needs. That’s when I wrote what doesn’t bring me joy and I based my goals to counter product that.

I’d love to go into all my goals but it’s deep and complicated. Tomorrow’s post will have my fitness goals in depth because it’s part of being a Healthy Momma. Today I am just going to graze over my top goal.

Make God the centre of my life

Okay so this goal may seem a no brainier but this is the first time in my life that I am making a goal based on this. Like I said earlier all my year goals have been busy bee based and this year is going different. God brings me joy and this year I am going to intentionally make goals to put him the centre of my life. I have made sub goals that include marriage, parenting and me. (Which are private and I will not be sharing)

Bringing Joy back into my relationship with God will have a brunch out into the many other areas of my life. How about you? Are your goals based on Joy?


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