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How I Work Out

Since I wrote the last Healthy Momma Thursday a reader reached out and asked me what I do for exercise? Personally for me I have learned my work out routine needs to reflect the season I am in life. I need to respect my bodies limitations and work with them but I didn`t always have that view.

Truthfully I had a very twisted view of myself. I didn’t see myself as someone who can and would like to work outs. Instead I saw myself as a lazy couch potato who is weak. Honestly it is a pretty poor self-image of oneself. When I decided to stop being a couch potato I went about it all the wrong way but I did learn from it.

Self-Image Does Matter

I find the state of my mind impacts how I work out. When I first started the journey of becoming a Healthy Momma I had no clue that my mental health effects my workouts. In the eight year journey I have learned that my mind can make or break a work out but I also have to respect where my mind is at in that moment. Right now my mind is broken and in healing mode due to the last year. I need to make sure I chose a work routine that will help with the healing. I have learned that my body is a warrior’s body that is strong and will endure the toughest battles. But like all warriors it needs time to heal after a battle. That is exactly where I am at right now.


Before starting out any new routine I do a fatigue check. This is key for me due to my stress induced asthma, PCOS and Medical PTSD. Each of these conditions can cause high fatigue in my body and if I am not careful it can cause injuries. How do I know this??? Just ask my doctor whenever I have walked in with a pulled muscle. After the third time we made the link between fatigue issues and my injuries. So now he encourages activities that are lower impact activities so he doesn’t have to see me so much.


Balancing hormones is probably one of my biggest issues and if my stress hormones are over active (adrenaline cause I have over stressed syndrome) going out and running a 5 K really isn’t the smartest thing to do. Instead I need to be doing activities like yoga to be lowering my stress hormones so I can get back to my 5 K workouts. This is where I am today.

I have decided to spend my winter taking up Yoga. My doctor has been telling me for the last three years to try yoga and I have totally ignored him. Yes, I listen to him but sometimes I would just rather run a 5 K then do yoga. These last few weeks have been enlightening for me. My body has basically crashed between the shoulder and a virus. It showed me that I really need to baby myself.

The Yoga I am doing is a mix of strength and stretching without the meditation which is exactly what my doctor wanted.  The reason why is because he wants me to strengthen my body through my own weight  due to some sore muscles. Basically he doesn’t want me to over work the problem areas.

That is what I am doing in this season of recovery.


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