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Do You Take Breaks?

Last week I took an unexpected break from social media. I didn’t post anything on here, Facebook and Instagram were quiet but I was okay with that. Sure my numbers tanked but over all I feel great. I am the soul writer of this blog and I take care of two kids of additional needs plus run some social media for other people. When I first started blogging I read a lot of stuff about consistency. I would be very consistent for 2-3 months then run into burn out, re-group and start all over but my view’s have changed since then.

Yes, you read right I just said the exact thing that some people would say not to do. Some breaks I plan; an example of this is taking a break from the moment my kids go on Christmas Holidays until the moment they grace their Teachers doors. Other’s happen when I feel my mental health slipping, (like last week.)  I find if I try to push through issues and not take a break it actually affects my writing.

I find my soul dries up a bit and I don’t write at the level I inspire to.

The biggest part of my brand is what I write. I love writing about things that I have found helpful in my journey as a Medical Mom, a PICU and NICU Momma, raising two children with additional needs and someone who suffers from PTSD. When I first started this journey their wasn’t much out there. Now theirs tones of  support groups but what I found helpful was reading other peoples stories. Mommy Bloggers who wrote about their experience raising children with additional needs is where I connected with we where isolated at home due to sickness. I inspire to write things that will help other mom’s in slimier shoes.

I need to practice what I preach.

Taking breaks from social media is one of the ways that makes sure I take care of myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For the next week I will be asking myself these questions as I get ready for 2018 Blogging Year:

When are the kids holidays?

Why would I take a break?

What do I find helpful about breaks?

What do breaks look like for me?

Rather your starting up a business, are a blogger,  a working mom or a stay at home mom all these are important questions to be asking yourself. If you want to be the best you possible in 2018 you need to make sure your getting your rest in!



5 thoughts on “Do You Take Breaks?

  1. Man, my husband couldn’t agree with you more! And I’m with you! There’s so much guilt sometimes after work, dinner, and bed time routines, I only have about 2 hours of consistent down time to do stuff. My husband gets so frustrated. I bet if I planned some down time, he would be less frustrated and more understanding! Great read!


  2. I just took a 2 week break as well. I feel like blogging can be never ending. There is always somewhere I can publisize my blog. I found myself saying, “let me do this one more thing, then I will stop for the day.” I realized I needed to step away for just a little bit. It has been wonderful I am thinking about writing 2 posts a week. Write one week, then publisize the next. I just needed to find a way to have balance in my life. I love, love blogging though. I have more blog ideas in my head than time. I currently have a list of over 50 blog post I want to write. I should have plenty of content for a while, but I must remember time off is important too.


  3. Ugh, you are so right, but it is so hard to do! I try to write to make a difference, and I am always hopeful this is the week/post/idea that will really connect with someone.


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