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My Christmas Tips

Last week I was quiet on social media and here because it was one of those weeks. It was the one year anniversary since Lilly’s operation and I got a new niece at the end of the week. I chose to sit and reflect about where we were this time last year. Then at the end of the week I was busy with play dates!! Now I will share how I get through the holidays.

My tips are strategies that I have gathered the last few years to keep my sanity during the holiday season. The excess stress can cause my anxiety level to shoot through the roof and I find by having a game plan it makes life easier. For me; I plan not only Christmas activities but activities lower my stress levels. If you struggle with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and other ones like me Christmas can be tough, as I have learned. Personally I find if I balance things a bit more it’s easier to enjoy the season.

Stock Up 

I am not talking about presents, decorations and treats here.  Going into the Christmas season I make sure I have a good stock of liquids, cold medication and food to help us through the cold and flue season. I find by having a good stock of my sick supplies it makes life easier when your busy gathering Christmas Stuff.


A few years ago The Hubby and I prioritise what Christmas events where important to us.  We would tray to go to Christmas Banquets, Santa Claus Parades, and other fun Christmas things to find us disappointed with we having to cancel due to sick kids or out a lot of money. After some soul searching we chose work Christmas party, and Christmas Eve service as out two favourite activities. To make sure we make the work Christmas party we always make sure to have our fool proof babysitter booked, (The Nana,) so we can go. Christmas Eve service is one that we consider a bonus if we make it 🙂

Shop During Off Time 

We still need to grocery shopping, grab a quick carton of milk or run if for a prescription even with the Christmas coward. Life doesn’t stop because of a busy season. I find by going in times that are often more quiet like grocery shopping on a Thursday morning at 9 am or using the online shopping options it helps lower my stress levels. I also do this to get my Christmas shopping done.

Hand Off Christmas Presents Early

With not knowing when the kids will fall sick I found getting the Christmas presents where they needed was a headache. Then I changed how I did things. I will either drop off the presents early (like first week of December) or send them to my moms to hand out. I find delegating makes it much easier on me!

Decorate On Your Time

Growing up my Mom always put the Tree up on December 1st. I tried to keep that tradition but found it just didn’t work with my household.  I put up my decorations any time after Remembrance Day, (with how I was raised it just feels wrong to do it before then.) Some years it all goes up in one day but other years when fatigue is high I do one box at a time until I am too tired to do anymore, (like this year.)

Schedule Rest 

Christmas is fun but it can be tiring. I find it is key to plan times of rest, and de-stressing block to make sure I don’t over due it. I find this helps keep the anxiety under control because then I am not over tired. When my fatigue level is high it can easily cause depression and anxiety issues.  For me personally this is probably the most important tip I have learned. By resting I can enjoy Christmas way better.

Social Media Restrictions 

Yes, I am a blogger and social media manager but I put restrictions on my personal social media during the holidays. I limit the amount of time I am personally online during the holidays.  Usually it’s 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon. I find it helps me keep a positive mind frame.

These tips may or may not help you but I hope they inspire you to balance your Christmas Season so you can make memories with your loved ones!


6 thoughts on “My Christmas Tips

  1. Such great goals especially the social media restriction (I need to work on that one!). I love decorating as we go- with four kids I don’t have time to do it any other way! I’m definitely getting the Christmas itch though! Ready to celebrate! Love the idea of giving out gifts early too ❤️❤️❤️


  2. These are great tips. It is so easy to overdo it during the holiday season. I have a cabinet that I keep stocked with cold supplies and things like noodle soup and saltines, pedialite as well. Like you said, you never know when one of the kids will come down with something.


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