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Let’s Get Real About Goal Planning

It’s the season of New Year’s Resolutions and this is where I roll my eyes. Honestly New Year’s Resolutions are my least favourite things to do. Right now you will see post about making this year the best year for your business and they are right. 2018 should be your best year ever because you should be constantly growing. If you’re not growing as person and as a mom boss then there is an issue and I think that is why I sigh at those kind of post.

Over the years I have learned that getting into the hype of the New Year’s Resolutions is actually counterproductive for me because well I don’t keep them.Does that sound similar to you?

If you say yes don’t feel bad because as I have learned there are quite a few people who don’t keep these resolutions. Actually according to Huffingpost in 2016 only 8 percent do. So where does that leave the rest of us?

Well I have learned what you really need is kick ass work effort and some Jesus by your side.

Before life as a Mom I was the type of person who didn’t have a planner, did house work when I felt like it, and didn’t make goals. My view of goals was why make them? They never happen?

Then I became a Medical Momma. My life became so busy that I needed a day timer to make sure we showed up to the right doctors at the right time. Goals took over my life. I started making goals on Lilly being able to roll over, to chew and some of them failed horribly. That’s when I learned to step back, and make new goals.

First I want to state yes high school kind of taught you how to use a day timer, and make goals BUT I never got it. It was taught a certain way that just didn’t click for me. Honestly it wasn’t until I started reading business stuff that I got it.

Goals aren’t about the big picture; they are small steps to get to the big picture. They reach deep into your soul to help you become the person you want to be in the big picture. If you want to be successful with your work; you also need to make goals to support yourself personally.

It’s time to get down with goals; time to roll up the sleeves and ask yourself the tough questions. I spend the last part of November and all of December writing in my journal reflecting on the last year. Today I am sharing with you some of the questions I ask myself.

What was the highlight of your year professionally?

What was the highlight of your year personally?

What would you change? Why?

Where would you cut back?

What is the big goal professionally for 2018?

What do you need to do give up to accomplishing this?

Where do you need to say No more so you can do more Yes things?

These are the questions I will be focusing on during my journaling this week. I hope you found them helpful for going into 2018.


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