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It’s Time To Thrive

With social media forums constantly changing, news feeds being filled with the latest trick to rock your business and getting no prospects it’s easy to get discouraged. I know I get discouraged all the time! One set back with my personal life that tips into my professional life can easy leave doubt in my mind. This week I am talking about thriving during the hard seasons. Are you someone who isn’t thriving right now?

I want to point out that if you got out of bed, and hassled like a rock star that you are through your morning routine you are thriving. No matter what happens professionally or personally the fact that you got up and took on the day is thriving.

This is an important fact to remember because whatever life throws at you nothing is more important than getting up and taking on the day.

This is a something I personally use in my day to day life to keep focused. I have so many times both professionally and personally wanted to throw up my hands and give up but I don’t. Sometimes I take a quick step back to regroup then other times I take a long break and then hit the floor running.


Commitment is the biggest reason why I see success. When success doesn’t come as I think it should I take a step back and evaluate what’s happening. I take apart what I am doing; figure out my roadblocks, and ways to overcome it.  If you’re committed to do the work during the hard season then you will see success during the fruitful season.


This is huge in the day of age where respect is disappearing. Respect the people who came before but also respect you. Respect the time you put into your families, yourself and your work. If you don’t respect what you’re doing right now you won’t get far. A person who is having more success then you you need to respect their work and observe what they are doing.


Take a step back and find 10 things you’re thankful for both professionally and privately. It often helps put things into perspective with things get too overwhelming. No matter what is going on there is always success sometimes it’s just hard to see.  By taking a step back and being grateful for what is happening in your life it helps lower you anxiety levels.

Now it’s time to thrive this week. What is one goal you have professionally and personally to work on this week? How are you going to meet new people? How are you going to invest in your business? This week I encourage you to journal these questions .


4 thoughts on “It’s Time To Thrive

  1. I can get discouraged very easily. I try to remember to be thankful I even have the opportunity to do something I love and the support of my loved ones. There are always ups and downs, but gratitude often gives perspective!


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