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Healthy Momma Thursdays; Rest

Since Lilly’s PICU visit I have had these really bad muscle tension headaches. Muscle tension headaches are not new to me due to the fact I get them with my period. I find when I eat properly and lower my stress levels they are either non existent or very mild. For the last three months I just couldn’t shake them until this past week and that is when I found a whole new issue.

I have re-injured my right shoulder.

Last year while lifting Lilly I strained my shoulder and then made it worse by not realising how bad it was. For a while my doctor thought I pulled my ACL and might need surgery to repair it. After a lot of rest and some strengthening my shoulder was deemed healed but I had to be careful of re-injuring it. One of the things my doctor has observed is I have a high tolerance to pain and often mask a bigger  issue.

Like with the muscle tension headaches.

I was in pain but I kept shrugging it off because it was something I am familiar with. As my stress levels have gone down due to medication, eating healthy, rest and spending more time with God it became quite obvious that some of that muscle tension headache pain was coming from my shoulder.

Honestly it wasn’t until I started eating properly that my stress levels went down.

It is amazing how food can contribute to stress. Eating the wrong type of food can cause my anxiety levels to stay at a higher level. Up until I started Trim Healthy Mamma I was doing everything else to try to lower my stress levels. I was praying, worshipping God, journaling, spending time with God, resting and excising but I was also missing a key component; Fuelling my body properly.

It could  have been sleeping on the hard couch or hospital beds during Lilly’s stay or the excess lifting of Lilly since her mobility level has gone down that has put a strain on my muscles. Then their is the fact that I have not been fuelling my body properly in the last few months. Life was just busy and eating properly fall to the wayside. I wasn’t feeding my muscles properly for the added lifting of weight through out my day. Yes, I wasn’t hitting the gym but lifting 36-41 pounds an extra 10-20 times a day adds up for muscle fatigue.

This past week has totally been about resting and babying that shoulder. I have been sporting a sling and watching how much I lift with that shoulder. Next week I am hoping to start some light rehab. The thing about hanging around physical therapists for the last 8 years you really get a handle on how to rehab an issue.

How about you? Has eating properly revealed a bigger issue?


6 thoughts on “Healthy Momma Thursdays; Rest

  1. It’s amazing what we figure out when we listen to our bodies. Nature is wise and we should be more in touch with it to know what we really need. It’s good to hear that you’re taking care of yourself!


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