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Rocking Your Support Groups

There’s one thing I do not do well and that is rocking support groups.  Engaging with people is something that I struggle with. It’s actually something that goes back to my childhood. When someone mentions a group thing I just want to run the other way and hide. Yet ironically I run a Facebook support group. How do you be a rock star with something that is outside of your whelm? Well it isn’t easy but it is worth it.

Over the years I have been apart of many different blogging support systems, and local support groups. In the past I have been the fly on the wall but when I needed to help A-man with his social anxiety I set up a small group of Momma’s to meet up for a play date at a local play cafe. It was one of the best year of my life and hardest because it got me out of my shell. It taught me how to stop being a fly on the wall.

When I started my Facebook Group it really has floundered for the past two years. With the re-boot of this blog I decided I was going to use my Facebook Group as an extension to support ladies. A way to share how I pull things off. Instead of over thinking it all I did was start just do it. I started with Facebook Lives, then it expanded to Healthy Momma Thursday, and Momma Social Media Tuesdays. I am also challenging myself to do a local meet up once a month. Today I am sharing how I have overcame my fear of support groups.

Just Do It                   Rather your thinking of joining a support group to make changes in your life or for professional reasons just do it. Sometimes over thinking it and fear of failure keeps us back for doing it. It holds us back from growing as a person and professional.

Keep It Small            The first time I invited Momma’s to that play meet up I invited 5 Moms because it felt doable for me. By the end of the meet ups it was a blanketed thing I put on Facebook. I started small and worked my way up to a bigger thing. That’s like my Facebook group at this moment I don’t want more then 25 people in the group because that feels manageable to me.

Make It Something That You Will Enjoy                I took everything I didn’t like about support groups and wrote it down than I thought of ways to not have that happen in my support group. When I did the Momma group I didn’t want it to be clicky so when I saw a Mom by herself at the play cafe I asked her to join us, (even if I didn’t know her). Most of the time they did!! You set the tone of your experience with the group.

Support groups are helpful and can be a positive experience. If your an inter-volt like me they can be intimidating but they also can change your world. By having realistic ideas of what you want out of the group it can help them seem less intimidating. Remember it’s all about what you want to get out of the experience.


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