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Healthy Momma Thursdays; Fitting Into My Wife Nightshirt

This past spring I needed new summer pyjamas and headed out to my nearest box store to pick up some cotton night-shirt. You know the kind that have sayings like “Don’t Talk To Me Until I Have Coffee.” They are basically a long t-shirt and well let’s just say I had the choice of those or the granny kind. When I showed The Hubby his face fall adorably and he requested that I get some wife night shirts.  That’s when I groaned because at the current size I was at the time I didn’t really fit anything well.  I was in the plus sizes but because of my small body frame I didn’t really fit size 12-14 well.  The clothes just fit awkwardly clinging or hanged in all the wrong  places.

What does a women do?

I did go shopping and bought a nice nightshirt that was more elegant than the cotton nightshirt but not too S E X Y that it would burn in my children’s memory that would end up costing hundreds of dollars in therapy if they saw it. The Hubby loved it and I tolerated it because it did cling in all the wrong spots but it was my best option at the time. A couple of nights ago I put it on and it fit. The nightshirt didn’t cling in all the wrong spaces and it wasn’t stretched out. Win!!!

Then yesterday I wore my favourite sweater and noticed that it went over my love handles.

My jeans are fitting better.

I’m not the kind of person who will tell you that I have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks because I can’t tell. I do not own a scale or measure myself….Say what??? Isn’t that what your supposed to do when your losing weight?? Aren’t you supposed to do side by side comparison photos?? I mean that is what is plastered all over media.

In my eight year journey of being a Proverbs 31 wife I have learned that God loves me just as I am imperfectly and wonderfully made in his image. That I need to be in my best shape mentally, physically and spiritually as I can be in my seasons of life. God doesn’t care about how many pounds I have lost in so many weeks or my comparison photo’s. He cares about me living purposefully for him.

How do I know if I am losing weight?

Simple, by how my clothes are fitting and if I need to buy new clothing. Moments like that nightshirt, jeans and sweater fitting better than two weeks ago. That’s how I know my hard work is paying off. For the next week I am going to be focusing on these areas;

Eating E and S meals

Trying baking some desserts from Trim Healthy Mamma

Eating 5-6 days of Trim Healthy Mamma recipes.

What are you doing this week? How do you measure your success of keeping on track with a healthy lifestyle? For me my next measure will be when that wife nightshirt is hanging off me and I have to buy a new one. The Hubby might just have to give me a shopping limit because I will have way more options next time around!


7 thoughts on “Healthy Momma Thursdays; Fitting Into My Wife Nightshirt

  1. Congrats on the weight loss. There’s nothing better than being comfortable in your own skin! Sounds like a really great system- I’ll have to look into it.


  2. I use how my clothes feel as well. I can also tell if I’m losing weight by how I feel both physically and mentally. I feel better and healthier when I’m losing weight😄


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