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Your A Boss Momma And Probably Don’t Know It

Your mind is boggled down with a to do list of chores while chasing a little person around a couch. You might be so tired that you left the milk in the cupboard instead of the fridge. As your making dinner your quickly commenting on other people’s Facebook post and liking Instagram pictures. Some of you might be refurbishing houses or furniture or heading off to a work out program. I know a lot of you can relate to what I just wrote. The fact is in this day of age there are a lot of women out their who are Boss Momma aka Boss Moms and don’t even know it. How do I do I know this??

Because I used to be one of those women.

Not to long ago I was someone who dashed from activity to activity feeling like I was a failure because it seemed I could not get it all done. In the day of age where “we can have it all” it just wasn’t happening. I had tried to start-up a couple home-based business and failed miserably. Crash and burn took on a whole new meaning to me. It was to the point where I did not even want to try to start any kind of business but I also do not want to spend the rest of my life working a job I do not love.

When you’re in a season of flux like I am it’s hard to think of a career but it is important to remember you are a Boss Momma. You where one before kids, one while raising them and still one after they have left your nest.  It’s easy to lose sight… I know because I did. It wasn’t until my Mom said to me, “Candice, your dad is so proud of how you manage your daughter’s life.”

I am a Boss Momma when I field medical calls.

I am a Boss Momma when I plan social media post.

I am a Boss Momma when I cook dinner.

I am a Boss Momma when I am planning my work for the week.

Yes, I might not have a six figure income but I do have more success in my life then I can ever dream of. I have a brand that I am proud of, a family that loves me and I am blessed. Today if you are thinking of giving up on your dream remember you are a Boss Momma and give yourself some slack.


10 thoughts on “Your A Boss Momma And Probably Don’t Know It

  1. This is a great reminder as to how hard women work no matter whether you are a SAHM or full-time out of the house working mom. All mama’s work. Starting your own business is really hard work, hang in there.


  2. It is crazy how stressful life is when you are a SAHM/WAHM… It can be so overwhelming. I like to think I am a boss momma if I get all my blog promotion done, dinner on the table, and spend time with my husband. Dinner might not be perfect but at least everyone is fed.


  3. This is a good reminder for so many of us! We always want to do more, be more, and usually, we already are! I’m a Boss Momma!


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