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Healthy Momma Thursday; Accountability

Yes by the time you read this it is probably Friday but this is my Healthy Momma Thursday post. Thursday was one of those days that just kept throwing things. Ends up I never got the message about a school meeting which left me spending my blogging time in an hour meeting. (Booo 😦 I`d rather write) When you throw in the fact Lilly is brewing something this Medical Momma`s blogging gets a hit. Well now I m finally getting around to confess how this past week has gone.

Hurdle One……The Hubby. 

I love my spouse but he is the biggest junk/fast food addict. He walks into the house and it’s like a bag of chips dance in behind  him. One things I realised the last time I lost 40 pounds he worked the oil field and did rotation shifts. My cheat days where his days off. Plus it was easier to keep the naughty food limited. Now all I have to do is reform The Hubby to a life change…

Hurdle Two…… The Sugar Addiction

I have known about this addiction for a long time. When I am stressed a crave sugar and my poison of choice is sugary drinks. One of the things that triggers my sugar need is stress and Lilly being sick. It’s a bad combo’ cause it’s often hand in hand around here. I also binge eat sugar filled food due to the fact it’s hard to eat properly with a sick kiddo.

I don’t expect you to confess your hurdles in the comments but the truth is we all have them. Often I find over coming those hurdles is a lot of work but worth it. What I need  to do is keep reminding myself that I have done it once I can do it again. The next week I am going to be working on keeping track of my food intake. I seem to get started with this task well but get off track easy.  Do you struggle with this also?

The great thing about my new Home Life Planner is that it has a menu area that I can easily keep track of what I am eating and my proportions. 🙂 I love this planner 🙂 I am also going to put motivation quotes in my planner to help keep me on track. This week I am also going to get into the habit of identifying what is an E, F and C meal. (FYI Trim Healthy Mamma Words)

Accountability is one of the hardest things for me. it’s so easy to say I will restart my plan tomorrow but those restarts can get quickly out of hand I have found in the past. That’s why I am blogging about my journey because it motivates me to stay accountable to myself. Having to write it out like this motivates me to keep on task. Next week I am hoping to tell you;

That I was able to keep an eighty to twenty ratio for junk-food/fast-food which means that I will be eating eighty percent Trim Healthy Lifestyle and twenty percent junk/fast food.

Track my food.

Get into identifying E, F and C meals.

It’s no small feat but it will be worth it 🙂


10 thoughts on “Healthy Momma Thursday; Accountability

  1. I am in love with that tutu on that picture!!!! And I go through that with my hubby too….chips. I love the taste of chips but I hate what they do to my body…


  2. This is the hardest part of being “good” for me too. My husband doesn’t want to be the food police, so I have to be accountable to myself. I need to start keeping a food journal, thats a great idea!


  3. My hubby also loves Chips (and Ice Cream) it makes it incredibly hard to stick to any healthy meal plan when all that junk is lying around. I do my best to stick to fruit-infused waters to help when I want something sweet to drink without all the sugar. I know it totally isn’t the same, but it helps curb the craving a bit! I love that you are keeping yourself accountable. I am rooting for ya mama!


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