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Momma Meet Ups; Branding

Not so long ago I sat drinking coffee while listening to a friend telling me what advice she has gotten from her up line about her business and she mentioned that she was advised to get a logo. My eye’s widened and we chatted about that. Then the other day I was on Facebook and someone else I know made the comment about what should she call her latest business adventure. That’s when I realised that I really need to be addressing branding in my Momma Meet Ups Facebook group.

The first self-development book I ever read was Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain by Ryan Blair. I didn’t read a self-help book like a lot of people I find are advised, instead I read a story about a guy’s journey from gang banger to a multimillionaire. In his book he talked about branding and that was the beginning of many books on marketing, business managing and being a Mom Boss. I have read the odd self-help book but mostly I tend to lean-to business books.

I did ask my friend that day, “Have you been advised to read anything on branding or marketing?” And her answer was “No.” How can people chose a logo or a website when they don’t know anything about branding? Another question is how can you build a Facebook Fan Page without knowing what you want your image will be? If you are nodding your heads in agreement you probably are in those shoes or have been.

Basically I learned that branding is the image you portray to the customers that separates you from your competitors. It doesn’t matter if it’s your own business or if you’re an individual consultant of another business your still portraying an image to the public world.

For me I have an idea where I am going with this blog and I often ask myself some tough questions whenever I think of doing something different.

Is this support the image I want to be long-term?

Will this get me to my long-term goal of being a life coach?

Is this inspirational?

When I make something I want people to think that Momma Wonderings is a place to come to learn about Social Media, Medical Momma Life And Healthy Life Style. I always want them leaving my page feeling inspired. This is the core concept behind my branding. It is always at the back of my head. Now I ask you if you have a brand concept for your work? Is it something you need to work on?


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