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Mom Of Boy: Embracing A-man

A few weeks ago in my post  A-man’s And Sensory Processing Disorder I talked about how during the year off A-man was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. Once I had the diagnose I embraced it and that was when we saw a lot of positive changes. Issues like Potty Training, behaviour control and soothers became manageable. Truthfully what I really did was embrace who he is as a person.

If you where to open up an old fashion dictionary of how a boy should act like A-man’s picture would be there. He is the kind of boy who loves mud, likes to work, spends hours following his dog around the yard and loves project activities. If he was born during the area of when his father’s family farm he would out in the fields all summer. A-man is a rough and tumble boy.

A-man has had basically therapy since birth. In our house hold feeding therapy has happened since birth due to the fact that the four years before A-man was born I had already been doing it with Lilly. Their feeding disorders are different but how you help them is slimier. That’s basically the same for each area that A-man struggles and today I am going to explain how I do it.

Sensory Therapy Load

I am sure that their is an actual name for it but this is how I think about it. When I am working on a certain area of sensory that A-man is struggling with I try to do it in an environment that eliminates other sensory triggers. The way I think about it is this way; I manage three different social media’s and each one has different needs. If I try to work on all three promotional graphics at once my brain gets overwhelmed and I get no work done. BUT if I compartment them into time slots I get way more done and don’t feel as burned out. I used a slimier idea with A-man and that is when things got manageable.

Potty Training              As an Early Childhood Educator I know potty training isn’t easy for any kid rather they have additional need or not. When I read promotions like “How I Potty Trained My Child In 3 Days” I can’t help but roll my eyes. The fact is a child needs to be physically, emotionally and mentally ready to potty train no matter how much the parent would like it. With A-man he was two when he became physically ready to potty train but we didn’t have a handle on the emotional and physical side until this past year. The thing that changed was my approach that equalled to his success.

I broke potty training down to environments and once he mastered on environment we moved onto the next. An example of this is we started at home just focusing on peeing on the potty during the day. I threw a pull up on him every-time we went out and at nap time. When their was no accidents at home we moved onto the next environment which was The Nana’s House. Each time he got confident in one environment I would add another environment. We are at the point now that we are working on Bowel Movements at home and I am doing the exact same strategy! (Note: Pee and Bowel Movements are different textures and should be treated separately because they send a different sensory messages to the brain.)

Behaviour Issues                 I can write at least 10 post on this area but I am not. What I will tell you about is my secret tool; Cheeky Monkey Backpack.  The backpack is in shape of a Monkey and when we named the backpack A-man was going through a stage where he called everything “cheeky.”  We named the backpack because instead of saying “Bad Behaviour” or “Meltdown” when he was in a sensory overload I can just ask him “Do you need you Cheeky Monkey Backpack?” After a year of having it he just goes gets it when he needs it. I have provided a free downloadable printable that has a list of things that you can put in your child’s backpack.

I have run out of time today but I promise you that this is a topic I will be writing about in the near and if you have any questions please feel free to put them in the comments.


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