Healthy Momma Thursdays

Healthy Momma Thursdays

Restore, it’s a word that has been on my mind a lot lately. Lilly’s PICU has left this family in shambles and I am not ready to put it all in words yet. Right now I am ready to explain what I need to do to restore myself. Anytime we go through something deep and heavy I find it takes a bit to pick up the pieces. The reason why I am blogging about it is because it’s my therapy.

Coming on here to write the latest post gets me thinking of more things then just the medical world. It takes me out of my brain and allows me to think of something else. Writing Healthy Momma Thursday is away for me to hold myself accountable. When your rushing from medical appointment to medical appointment it’s hard to join a fitness group or anything fitness.

This is my way of doing it. They say you will be more successful with your goals if you have a support system. When I wrote Lilly Through The Valley I had the most success with my fitness goals because I wrote like this, journal style. Where’s when I first started writing this blog I tried a different approach and wasn’t as dedicated to the post. For Healthy Momma Thursdays I am going back to my roots.

I had a scary moment in September when my Doctor said to me, “Candice, your going to end up in the ER soon if you don’t change something.”

September for me was about getting on medicine to help my body relax due to it being over stressed. The goal was to get the stress IBS and Asthma under-control plus the anxiety issues I have. I had to lower my stress hormones in my body to be able to move into the next stage which is restore. (This is where I state all products that I mention are not affliate links I am mentioning them because it’s what I am using personally and their was no payment)

My Mind          Some of what I experienced as a mom and women has left an imprint. To help my mind heal I am spending 15 minutes a day minimum in silence with God, working through a 4 week bible study Rest And Release by Courtney Joseph, and I am going to start seeing a Godly mentor.

My Body          My body has been through the wringer and I am feeling it. First I am going to start by getting on the Trim Healthy Mamma lifestyle. My body doesn’t like Stevia but I use honey and ague instead. I like Trim Healthy Momma because it has some really great recipes but also balances out the blood sugars and that is what I need. For exercise I am going to focus more on low impact activities like stretching to start off  with.

My Work         Basically taking it one project at a time.

For the next two weeks my goals are:

To get into the Trim Healthy Mamma mind frame. Basically get into the habit of planning meals and shopping again.

Stretch every day.

Bible Study and silent time with God

Rest daily.

I do have some tools for you if you would like to join in on Healthy Momma Thursday’s. As I look for things to make I have a Pinterest board of Trim Healthy Mamma inspiration that you can follow. My Instagram account is going to have a daily food pic, and a mind/body pic for those who need visual inspiration. For those who feel the need to connect I will be doing a Facebook live every Thursday at 10 am Alberta time. My Momma Meet Ups Facebook group has 15 spots open if you want to connect deeper. In this group I do a lot of Facebook lives and have more accountability in it. If you are interested in it please message me.

Sometimes the hardest things in life make the biggest changes happen!


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