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Bonding Over Makeup With My Daughter

On Facebook the TV show Speechless has a clip going around about their season premier that says “disability is no excuse.” It literally made me stop because this is has been my slogan for a long time but truthfully I have been allowing my daughters disability get in the way of something…her love for make up and hair.

Since birth Lilly’s hands have been affected by the brain injury.  The fine motor skills in the hands to do hair and make up are awkward and their’s a few hurdles to climb. In other words it will take a lot of work to teach her how to do make up and hair.

As a toddler Lilly loved getting her hair done and to this day if you want to treat take her for a hair cut. She loves watching me do my makeup and hair. Her first favourite Disney movie was Tangled….because of the hair. Lilly spends hours brushing her dolls hair.

I on the other hand am a low-key girl. In my teen years my favourite hair style was a pony tail and no makeup. As I ventured into my twenties it basically stayed that way unless it was a special occasion then I’d do my hair fancy and wear make up. After I had Lilly I wore it a bit more due to the fact it was a way for me to focus on myself but the most I’d get all fancied up was once or twice a week.

In other words make up and hair are just not a priority. 

It all started this summer with little things happening that has me stepped back a done a reality check of my view of Lilly and makeup.  After the PICU stay my morning routines with her became awful. With her higher pain levels and her being more rigid getting her up and going can be brutal. By accident I learned if I timed her waking up, brushing her hair and getting dressed with my routine life became easier. One day after her throwing no behaviour she let me put on “pretend makeup” and then do her hair like Momma’s.

Lilly loved every moment of it.

My Morning routine is now to shower, do my make up and hair while asking Lilly’s opinion. Lilly loves to pick out my eyes shadow, rather I should do an up do or down and if I forget a step she is quick to remind me. As we are about to transition to breakfast she will often give me a thumbs up in approval.

A few weeks ago I locked my key fob in between my van frame and sliding door in an out-door shopping mall. To keep us busy during the 2 hour wait I tried going into shops but Lilly would have nothing to do with clothes shopping. I took her into a hair place and she loved every moment of it. Next we headed over to a make up place and we ended up spending forty-five minutes in there.

Before heading into a doctor’s appointment we went to a tween shop and got her some “makeup” which made her day. This past weekend Lilly and A-man spent hours putting make up on dolls. I stopped using her disability as an excuses not do makeup and have embraced it. Now her occupational therapist and I get the joy of trouble shooting issues that pop up while learning to apply makeup while Daddy just get’s the make up bill 😉




4 thoughts on “Bonding Over Makeup With My Daughter

  1. What a sweet post! So wonderful that you let her help you with your hair and makeup! I’m sure those are such precious memories that you are creating!


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