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Medical Mom: Wheelchair Dancing

Dancing, yes this kid is throwing another hurdle at me. Lilly has always loved dancing from a baby and we have in the past tried adaptive dance lessons when she was a toddler. You can probably hear a BUT it’s a huge BUT…Her physical regression. It’s hard to sign her up for anything because you never know when it is going to hit or if she is going to be able to do it.

Now that we are throwing in the Kidwalk she literally thinks dancing is jumping up and down. With the Kidwalk it quickly becomes annoying because the back wheels jump off the floor and slams back down. After a few moments I yelled, “Let’s see if their’s any Wheelchair dancing videos on Youtube.”

At first I got no where until I came across the name Chelsie Hill that’s when we hit video after video of all kinds of dancing. Ends up there is a whole lifestyle of wheelchair dancing from everything from ballroom to salsa. (I had no idea)  By the third video Lilly was in awe. Her eye’s where huge and you couldn’t distract her. That’s when the panic set in, “How on earth am I going to teach her to Wheelchair Dance?”

I can’t dance. As in I have two left feet and that is putting it kindly. In yesterday’s post Bonding With My Daughter Over Makeup I talk about how the excuse to Lilly learning to do makeup was me and not her disability. Well with that experience being so raw I knew I didn’t want to be the reason why Lilly never learned Wheelchair Dancing. After some looking around I found out that Chelsie Hill has Wheelchair Dance Tutorials. (Yes!!)

In fact I am watching them as I type this post. After 10 minutes of trying to do a tutorial I quickly found out that my upper body is very stiff. I will be looking up stretches to lossen me up after I am done this post. It seems I am hanging up my weights and 5 Ks this winter to do some dancing.

The plan is to learn some dance routines than teach Lilly while she is still recovering from this latest set back. It seems my life has turned into makeup and dance tutorials. If that makes my girl happy this Momma is up for the challenge.


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