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My Dream Planner

Have you ever had the best laid plans but things happen? That’s what has happened to my post Mom Of Boy: Embracing A-man. It’s supposed to be today’s post but life got in the way. Well it all started when Lilly got sick and since then brain fog has happened. It seems I can no longer pull two nights of early morning bedtimes anymore. (Okay when did I get old?)  Then there’s the fact that I dropped my heavy steel frame Diono car seat on my cell phone taking out my camera...(The Hubby is till trying to figure that one out. Luckily for me he has driven both a semi and tractor over his. 😉 )

Oh trust me it gets even better….

Yesterday my day even went more side ways when I slammed my vans passenger sliding door shut with the Key Fob in it. 😦 Luckily The Nana came to the rescue because I did that an hour away from home. As you can tell it’s been one of those weeks. So instead of a post about A-man today I am sharing with you a really cool home planner I The Nana stumbled upon. She saw it and thought, “This is so Candice.”

This is where I state the only relationship I have with Plum Cheeky Solutions is the fact we grew up in the same church. Her mom and my mom are friends which is how I found out about this great planner. I am not an affiliate of Plum Cheeky Solutions nor receiving any products for this post. My interest in sharing this product is to help someone else out due to this is a kickstarter campaign. It means for this product to be made a certain number of them needs to be sold.

graphic supplied by Plum Cheeky Solutions

Basically by sharing this amazing planner with you I am helping her get the word out because I would love to have it in my hands. I really want the weekly section of this planner because I can keep the kids things, my blogging stuff and meal planning plus house work organised in one section. This makes me giddy with joy because I have tired many different planners over the years and at one time had 3 different planners to try to accomplish this. After a while I gave up looking for the perfect planner.

Then by accident I stumbled upon The Home Life Planner.

My life is hectic on it’s calmest day and the way I keep on top of things is keeping on top things is having awesome tools. 🙂 Honestly, I will admit to dreaming about this planner. I have gone back to the kickstarter page and stalked  the page to see if the numbers are going up.

For now I will cross my fingers that the kickstarter campaign will be successful. 🙂


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