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5 Things Every Medical Mom Needs In Her Emergency Room Bag

Your probably thinking what’s an Emergency Room bag? (ER Bag) Well when Lilly was a baby I got into the habit of keeping an extra bag on hand with the basic needs I would have during an ER visit. As life changed I got out of the habit but after this summer I found myself needing one again. It’s handy because it just hangs on a hook in entrance ready to go at a moments notice. Today I am sharing my top 5 must haves in the bag plus a free printable check list.

You can not talk about an ER Bag with out talking about the bag itself. ER trips are straining mentally and physically the last thing you want is to haul an inconvenient bag around. Over the years I have tried messenger bags, big purses, and back packs to find them not making my needs. In the end I always go back to a stroller style diaper bag style because they can hook into Lilly’s Convaid Stroller or wheelchair. I decided to embrace the need for a stroller diaper bag and splurged on a new one retiring my old one to the ER Bag.

For my list of what goes into the ER Bag I try to pack things that will give me 48 hours of supplies in case we get admitted due to the fact I live a hour away and The Hubby often works away from home.  This combination often makes it hard to get things.


It only took me one ER visit to realise that bring medicine bottles with me makes life just easier. We have some medicine that takes the pharmacy time to make which makes it hard to get plus it is easier to confirm medicine. One of the medicines we have is refrigerated so I put two doses in a syringe with an ice pack in a zip lock bag for transportation. If we are in the ER long but don’t use the medicine I put ice in the Zip Lock bag for the ride home.

ER Binder

This is a new concept that I am in the process of developing with Lilly’s medical team. To keep a consistency in Lilly’s care I am making a binder with letters from her specialist on how to treat her. Lilly is hard to read medically and  by having a book with baseline information written down helps not just me but anyone else who needs to take her into the ER.

Phone Charger

I keep a spare phone charger in the bag at all times. After hitting the ER once with no battery power I learned it was better to be prepared then to be with out a phone.

Change Of Clothes

ER visits are unpredictable and it only takes one trip that ends up with puke in your bra cup to find out how essential this tip is. In my bag I keep a sports bra, socks, underwear, sweats, a t-shirt for me and pyjamas for Lilly. I usually throw in an extra pair of socks and underwear just in case we are admitted.

Gift Cards/Money

ER trips can be frequent and costly for us which can catch me off guard. I like to keep emergency twenty dollar bill for parking and gift cards for restaurants & gas just in case I don’t make it to the bank or have change in my wallet. I pull these things out only when it’s worse case scenario and do not use every ER trip.

An ER Bag makes my life easier because all I have to do is grab it on the way out. The free printable is also the same one I use for any hospitalisation but I also add things like a pillow, blanket and frozen food to the list.


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