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Re-start On Momma Wonderings

When I decided to walk away for a year there was a huge part of me that was left wondering if I would be back. I was tired, burned out and discouraged. A part of me was so dried out as a person that I couldn’t see down from up. Have you been there? Can you relate? I’m sure you can.


What changed? Why am I still here? It was a life realisation; I love blogging. Nothing beats logging onto a new template and creating a post. I love writing, it makes my soul feel awesome. During my time away I realised something it’s the business side that burns me out. Trying to find the latest thing to skyrocket my blog to success. Making sure that I am up to date with the latest social media crazes.

It’s exhausting and it is not me. When I first started blogging years ago I wasn’t trying to keep up with any business. Pinterest wasn’t full of “5 tips to a better blog.” Networking with other bloggers was done on BlogFrog instead of Facebook.Back then I wasn’t competing with so many click a bit sites for readers. The followers I had were more repeat followers then anything. (Probably family members and friends)

My grammar was horrible and my spelling was awful but people still loved Lilly Through The Valley. When I started this blog I wanted to be taken seriously as a writer and tried to change my writing style to be more professional BUT that’s when I lost the magic. I started sounding like every other website out there. Yes, I wrote some really neat post that I was proud of but when I looked at what statistics from July 2016- February 2017 a huge light went off.   My readers could less about me writing professional. What keeps people coming back are post about my life, motherhood and the neat things I find. Basically all the stuff I love writing about.

If I mention a book, it’s because I love it. If I mention a product it’s because I love it. I think you get the idea the only things that are going to be mentioned on this blog is things that are in my day to day life.

No More Too Many Social Media Platforms.

It’s quite easy to get bombarded by the latest Social Media platform or tricks out there. At one time I was trying to manage 5 different types of social media accounts and truthfully it was exhausting. During my break I only really focused on one, my Instagram Account. I love Instagram because for me it doesn’t seem like work. It’s just fun. I also have my Facebook linked up to it. With out trying and just rocking one media I actually got some of the highest referrals to my blog from these medias. My plan is not to change this.

I will be focusing on one major social media (Instagram,) With two default ones, (Facebook and Pinterest.) Most important is it needs to be fun!

Keeping It Real

This blog is written solely by me. Yes, I might invite the odd person to “guest post” but I don’t have contributors. Every Tuesday you can tune in to read about my wondering’s and please let me know your thoughts. 🙂

Until next time



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