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I Need Your Help

i-need-your-helpI am breaking my year of silence because I need your help. Every once in a while, I see a contest that catches my eye and think, “wouldn’t that be nice!”

This contest isn’t for a trip to Disneyland, a marriage conference, or even a concert. It’s for a chair.

The Cadillac of chairs for Lilly, it`s not  a contest for me but for my child.


We were at a conference a while ago and got to try out a Freedom Concepts Chill-Out-Chair. It was amazing. The kind of equipment an Atypical mom starts dreaming about and I tucked it into my someday pile. Then, a post caught my eye. Freedom Concepts is giving away a Chill-Out-Chair for American Thanksgiving and Canadians can apply.

My heart literally dropped. A special needs contest that I can actually enter! Then I heard that voice that said “you can do this.”

This chair would be coming at the right moment for Lilly. The year after surgery is going to be long. We aren’t sure what it means for physical regression. The chair would give her a place to sit other than her stroller or wheelchair on those bad days.

How can you help make this dream come true?


Easy – just like our story on Freedom Concepts Facebook page. Here is the link. The post is pinned at the top of the page. You just need to scroll down to the photo and comment by Candice Wilkinson then like it. 🙂

Thank you so much!


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