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A-man’s New Bedroom & Free Menu Printable

Monday Qoute

Happy Monday to all my readers! Today I am writing a mish mash posh of things that I am sure is going to wet your whistle for reading. First of all, I do have some links in this post BUT this is not a sponsored post. They are in here for your benefit to make finding them later easier for you.

The first day of having no school started off with behaviour issues with Lilly and that set the tone for the rest of week. As much fun as it is to have no school, it also means a change of routine for Lilly. One thing she hates most is change. As Lilly’s behaviour developed, I noticed that A-man was starting to get overwhelmed and he started acting out.  I decided to put toys in it!

Up until recently, A-man’s room had a bed, stuffies and his dresser. The main reason why there are no toys in either child’s room is that I constantly have to be supervising both children. The toys are set up in the living room where I can cook and also watch them. A-man is starting to surpass Lilly in imaginative play and in independence. Giving him his own space seems like good solution.

I spent the morning reorganizing. I put his tool bench, a night stand (that I use as a kitchen pantry) and toys into his room. A-man and I set up his kitchen pantry with food and cook ware. Next, we filled the toy bins with trains, a doctor kit, dinosaurs, puppets and books. A-man is quite excited to have his own play area and now he is learning that it’s okay to go to his room when he is overwhelmed.

Farmers Market


This Monday Menu is simple and easy to follow. The major influences are the fresh fruit and veggies that I got at the Farmer’s Market and my freezer full of meat. Summer is here and I am going to take advantage of all the fresh produce that I can get my hands on. The local U Pick Strawberry Patch is open for business and I can’t wait to get some fresh strawberries in!

The Hubby is a huge and I mean huge Doctor Oz fan. He goes as far as to record The Dr. Oz show so he can binge watch them on his days off. I don’t mind because The Hubby will often find new healthy meals or ingredients from watching the show. An episode we recently watched featured Camila Alves on and she shared some of her favourite recipes. Interestingly, the recipes she shared are dishes that are similar to ones I have been itching to try but didn’t think The Hubby would want to eat! Guess what? He wants to!

During this month I am going to try out some new dishes and will let you know how they go. For now, you can enjoy this free Monday menu printable that is super easy to follow!


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2 thoughts on “A-man’s New Bedroom & Free Menu Printable

    1. At this moment I am not sharing recipes due to the fact I have slowed down on the blog for the summer. Also a lot of my recipes are in my head. 😀 I might put together a free ebook


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