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Through A Child’s Eyes

Through A Child'sEye's P

When you live in the day-to-day life of regression it can be easy to lose hope in your child making gains physically. Since Lilly was born  we have made physical and occupational goals to work on. As a baby it was things like learning to sit up and once she conquered that we would move onto the next big goal.

These goals where a huge part of our day-to-day life. Lilly’s physical delay affects every area of her life. As a baby we had goals around feeding, play, talking, and well the only time we weren’t working on one goal or another was when she was asleep.

It was a lot of work on The Nana and I. Each day Lilly’s tummy time activities where set up to work something which meant I had to plan enriched play activities. Our toys in the house where often geared to help Lilly meet what ever goal we where working on.

As a baby when ever Lilly got a virus she would lose ground in her ability and often we would be re working toward a goal we had already accomplished. The older she got this issue didn’t go away or the fact that it took a lot of work to get back up to her base level.

This past winter Lilly was formally diagnosed with an irregular physical regression. I find as her mom I often get caught up in the emotional side of the regression. It can be tough to watch your child meet milestones and lose them. Optimism can sometimes escape me.

The whole goal of Lilly’s surgery is for her to walk again. It’s exciting to think about but the realist in me wonders how many times she will deal with regression before getting to that point. Then a friend mentioned something a few weeks ago. Her daughter, (Jane) told her something that puzzled her.

“Lilly will walk again just like how my skin changes colours.”

Jane’s statement through us parents for a loop. She firmly believes that her friend will walk again. Her mom and I have a few theories where this came from but we can not see through her eyes. One thing we do suspect is Jane remembers when Lilly used to walk..(Jane would have been 2 the last time Lilly was able to walk)

The hope Jane has is inspiring!!

Regression is tough to live with but sometimes a reminder of hope from a four-year old girl is all you need. I still look back on that conversation with my friend and it brings a smile to my face. Also  make sure you come  back next week to check out what is cooking at our house and get the free printable menu!!


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